10 plant-based vegan purchases for more muscle

You don’t have to dip into your savings to stock up on cleaner, greener foods. Whether subway or local, these 10 ingredients are all readily available – even your auto-scanner will recognize them.

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Dried fruit

It’s a healthy way to add sweetness to dishes, and it’s especially useful for vegans because honey is excluded. Dried fruits also help to replace the iron that you lack due to your abstinence from red meat.

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Dried Goji berries 225g

Holland & Barrette


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Minced soybeans

You won’t always have time to cook lentils. That’s where meat substitutes come in: toss your choice—the Meatless Farm Co’s has 21g of protein—into a casserole with veggies and tomato sauce for an easy midweek Bolognese.

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The Meatless Farm Ground Meatless 400g

The Meatless Farm Co.


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Extremely versatile, tofu also tops off nutrient levels that require a bit more consideration, such as iron, zinc, and calcium. Firm tofu is a winner in stir-fries, while the softer kind can be a satisfying creamy alternative to scrambled eggs.

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Sprinkle a few on any dish or use them in smoothies. Many varieties are high in magnesium and zinc and contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help support heart and brain health.

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Ground flax seeds Sunflower Pumpkin Sesame seeds and Goji berries

flax wood


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When it comes to making every bite count, quinoa is a great choice as a base for salads, or simply as an alternative to rice. This seed contains all the essential amino acids for muscle recovery and growth, and is packed with minerals such as iron and magnesium.

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Red & White Quinoa 250g

Gourmet Merchant


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Coconut yogurt

Having a good yogurt alternative up your sleeve (or rather, in your fridge) is handy for snacks and breakfasts. This entirely painless swap combines versatility, digestion-friendly probiotic cultures, and most importantly, maximum taste.

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Natural dairy-free coconut milk yogurt alternative organic 400g

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When you cut out meat and dairy, it’s easy to end up with insufficient calorie intake — bad news if you’re getting back into a workout regimen. Include plenty of foods high in healthy fats, like the all-purpose avocado, which is also a rich source of potassium, folate, and vitamin E.

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nutritional yeast

This has a savory umami flavor – slightly cheesy and nutty – that works well with pasta, popcorn and pizza. It also lives up to its “nutritional” name. Going vegan can leave you low on energizing vitamin B12; make sure you’re fully loaded by sprinkling it into your sauces.

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oat drink

It is the most eco-friendly vegetable “milk” because oats require less water to grow than nuts. It is also a source of beta-glucans, fibers that help lower cholesterol. Opt for one that is fortified with calcium.

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Barista Style Oat Milk 1l

Glebe Farm


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canned beans

No, no baked beans. We mean all the natural variety. They’ll help fill you up with protein, zinc and iron, and are high in fiber to end those mid-afternoon hunger pangs.

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