12 new vegan food launches in the UK, US and Australia

The vegan food market just keeps getting better. And it’s not limited to just one country. The the whole world industry is expected to exceed US$22 billion by 2025. This is a lot of vegan products.

Right now, in 2022, there’s already an abundance of options on the shelves, and new ones are coming all the time. Here are some of the latest herbal launches from the UK, US and Australia.


The Fauxmagerie at Waitrose

Want Camembert, but without dairy? Thanks to La Fauxmagerie, said to be the UK’s first plant-based cheesemaker, you can now buy its dairy-free Truffle Camamvert at Waitrose. The brand’s vegan Shoreditch Smoked, Betta Feta and Brixton Blue cheeses are also available.

Currently, you can find the plant-based artisan cheeses in just over 20 stores, but a nationwide launch is expected very soon.

Terry’s Plant-Based Chocolate Orange

According to Vegan Media Vegan foods in the UKa plant-based Terry’s Chocolate Orange Bar is coming later this year.

He posted an announcement on Instagram, with the caption: “They finally managed to make us a fully vegan orange chocolate bar… but unfortunately it won’t be launched until the Christmas season (which is also a kind of season orange chocolate).”

Meatless farmhouse steak at Sainsbury’s

The vegan meat brand Meatless Farm offers a wide variety of meatless products, from chop at burgers at chicken. Recently, he launched his new vegan steaks at supermarket giant Sainsbury’s.

The new steaks contain over 15 grams of protein, have a much lower carbon footprint than cow-derived steak, and are made with pea protein.

OmniFoods Vegan Fish

Hong Kong vegan brand OmniFoods is launching Golden Fillet vegan fish fillets at UK retailers this summer, reports SeafoodSource. The fillets are already available at vegetarian restaurants in the UK, as well as fish and chips shop Sutton & Sons.

Whole Earth / PBN The new product would be the first of its kind

Whole Earth Squeezable Peanut Butter

Whole Earth has launched its squeezable peanut butter in UK supermarkets. According to the peanut butter brand, it’s the first of its kind and “has a unique, super-smooth texture.” At present it is available to buy from Tesco and Waitrose.

KALLØ vegetarian cakes

Made with beetroot and balsamic, the new Veggie Cakes Minis from health food brand Kallø are definitely unique. They’re crunchy, crunchy, high in protein, and well worth trying if you feel like changing up your snacking game.

They are currently available to buy from Tesco Express stores across the country.


Lindt vegan chocolate

Lindt’s line of vegan chocolates has arrived in Australia. Chocolate specialists have created two dairy-free options: the Lindt Classic Vegan Smooth and the Lindt Classic Vegan Hazelnutboth now available to Australian customers.

They are currently available for purchase at Coles supermarkets, independent grocers, Lindt chocolate shops and online stores.

Turkey Dinosaurs from Quorn to Coles

Last year, popular vegetarian meat brand Quorn listened to customer requests and launched vegan turkey dinosaurs in the UK. Now they seem to have made their way to Australia, as they have recently been Point in Coles supermarkets.

Fry’s Popcorn Chicken at Coles

One of KFC’s most beloved menu items is undeniably its popcorn chicken. But for the most part Australian vegans must have missed this tasty snack.

Good news: the plant-based brand Fry’s has leveled the playing field for fried chicken. Its crunchy little pieces of Popcorn Chick’n without meat are now available buy from Coles in Australia.

Future Farm Chopped at Coles

Brazilian plant-based meat brand Future Farm has been making big waves in the food industry. Last year, he landed a $58 million investment to bring his realistic plant protein to the world.

And now his ‘revolutionary hash’, which is said to taste just like the real thing, has been launched in Coles.


Vegan Crepini Petite Egg Wraps

Crepini is known for its carb-free, cauliflower-based, keto-friendly egg wraps available at Costco. But starting this month, its very first vegan versions of the signature wraps are on the market, and you can buy them at Sprouts.

The new vegan wraps contain JUST Egg, and have the same taste and function as the original.

Sorbabes Sorbet Bars at Costco

Sorbabes takes your standard sorbet and elevates it to a whole new delicious level. The vegan brand offers a wide range of frozen treats, from Wild Berry Crisp bars to Mango Coconut Crunch, and they’re now available for wholesale purchase at Costco.

Bold Plant Chicken Tenders

Vegetarian brand Daring is a master of vegan chicken. And now he has expanded his portfolio with new Plant Chicken Tenders. The low-fat, high-protein, meat-like tenders are the first in its product line to be sold from the meat fridge.

They are available from 400 retailers in the United States (including Sprouts and Pete’s Market).

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