13 Food Truck-Inspired Vegan Dishes to Eat Before Summer Ends

Where there are fun summer events, there are food trucks. And where there are food trucks, there is a plethora of burgers, tacos, and ice cream cones. Basically all the things vegans can’t enjoy, right? WRONG. With the help of magical ingredients like jackfruit and vegan cheese, people on a strict plant-based diet can totally recreate food truck favorites and indulge themselves. We are delighted to present these 13 tasty recipes to you.

Sauerkraut and sausage dog

The plant-based sausages are squeezed between fresh buns and stacked with sauerkraut, crispy cucumbers, fried onions, and the best vegan cheese sauce you’ve ever put in your mouth. (Going through Very vegan)

Loaded vegan nachos

When you top tortilla chips with rice, beans, juicy tomatoes, spicy chili peppers and corn, magical things happen; you’ll never look at other nacho platters again. (Going through Healthy pastry)

Loaded baked potatoes

With vegan pieces of bacon, cheese and sour cream, people on a plant-based diet can enjoy the joys of a classic loaded baked potato without missing a beat. (Going through Very vegan)

Vegan pizza rolls

Swap the usual sweet cinnamon rolls for these savory and delicious pizza rolls filled with vegan mozzarella, vegan pepperoni, fresh basil and marinara goodness. (Going through Serve reality)

Jackfruit Philly Cheese Steaks

This gloriously bulky and nerdy replicates its meaty predecessor in the better way with non-dairy cheese, smoked jackfruit, and tender cooked onions and peppers. (Going through Vegan)

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Tanya S. Norvell