14 Asian-owned vegan food brands to support right now

There are many Resources available to donate, learn and take action. One way to support is to buy from companies owned by AAPI. We’re bringing together some of our favorite AAPI-owned food brands to support them now and always.

We love to try out all new plant-based meat inventions, and we’re so impressed with the sustainably made Plant-Based Tuna Spread founded by Alberta Liao for Jinka. Perfect in a sandwich, spread on crackers or stuffed in an avocado, the three flavors of tuna — original, spicy, and lemon and dill, are all great for snacks. Best of all, each serving contains 14g of protein and a healthy dose of omega-3s.

Founded by Chef Ming Tsai, MingsBings recently launched into Whole Foods in the Northeast, with more stores to follow soon. Inspired by Chinese bings, a flatbread or a filled dumpling, each MingBing is stuffed with superfoods like edamame, shiitake mushrooms and watercress. The whole range is vegan, gluten-free and allergen-free. Conveniently packaged and prepared, MingsBings are perfect for that overlooked air fryer, or for baking in the oven for a healthy snack or meal.

Ming Bing

The Only Bean is a strong advocate for edamame to replace the other wheat alternative pastas in your cupboard. Founded by Brian Lai, one-ingredient pasta is made only from non-GMO edamame beans, high in fiber, 100% gluten-free and contains 44g of protein per serving. This blows any other alternative wheat noodle straight out of the pasta water!

The only bean

Brooklyn-based Green Mustache is female-owned and makes healthy snack time easier for parents around the world. Founded by VanTrang Manges, plant-based “cheese” crackers come in, you guessed it, in mustache-shaped chunks, perfect for snacks. These crispy snacks are great for playing with your food, as hidden inside the fun-shaped crackers is a healthy dose of leafy greens. Perfect for picky eaters or adults who just want to feel like a kid again!

Green mustache

Henry Chen’s mission is to bring flavors from around the world to American consumers through inventive snack concepts, through Woodridge Snacks. From Asian to South American inspired ingredients, the range of snacks includes mochi rice nuggets, sticky rice crisps, crunchy dried fruit crisps, ginger bites and the latest tempura seaweed crisps. Completely vegan, almost all products are also gluten-free. The only exception is the Tempura Seaweed Chips.

Woodridge Snacks

Founded by Bella Lam and her husband Myles Olsen, Coconut Whisk takes the guesswork out of cup meals and home cooking. No more measuring out countless ingredients and putting baking soda all over your counter. The Coconut Whisk product line includes three varieties of mug cakes, as well as waffle, pancake and cookie mixes to cook your heart out, whatever the occasion. The duo recently announced the opening of a Coconut Whisk Cafe in Minneapolis in the coming months.

Coconut whisk

If “must love ice cream” is a job requirement, sign up! Founded by best friends Mollie Cha and Hannah Hong, the duo set out to create 100% plant-based ice cream with simple ingredients and great flavor. Must Love perfectly pairs their banana and oat bars and pints with sweet fruit for the perfect treat, and never anything artificial. The pints and bars can be found in natural grocery stores across the United States and are available in all classic flavors, including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and peanut butter.

Must love

This ice cream is made from bananas, no really, it is made from bananas! Founder Rachel Geicke was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has always had a good business sense, starting it at only 16 years old. Years later, Snow Monkey was developed from a craving for delicious, indulgent foods that wouldn’t affect his celiac disease. Made only from fruits, seeds and superfoods, Snow Monkey comes in seven delicious flavors, including rich, creamy chocolate and refreshing passion fruit.

Snow monkey

Founded by Kevin Lee and Kevin Chanthasiriphan, the couple grew up working with their families in the markets of Taiwan and Thailand and share that love and passion for food with the first low-carb, high-protein instant ramen. The immi brand focuses on Asian-American flavors with an emphasis on real, nutritious ingredients. The fully vegan range comes in ‘beef’, ‘chicken’ or ‘shrimp’ flavors, but we recommend the variety pack to get a taste of each!


The “Fly” in Fly By Jing refers to restaurants in Chengdu, China, which are so popular they attract people like flies. It’s no wonder that people still flock to these flavorful sauces! Founder, Jing Gao brings her line of Sichuan-inspired sauces, including Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Dumpling Sauce and Mala Spice Mix, to foodies around the world. For the remainder of March, 10% of all proceeds will go to Red Canary Song and the Asian Prisoner Support Committee, reinvesting funds in the Asian community.

Fly by Jing

The artisanal vegan cheese brand Miyoko’s was founded by best-selling author and global speaker Miyoko Schinner and has since followed the brand’s promise of “phenomenally vegan”. With a product line that includes cultured vegan butter, grated cheese, cream cheeses and fresh mozzarella to name a few, Miyoko’s is at the forefront of changing the way. whose non-vegans approach dairy-free cheese.


Founder Erica Liu Williams caught the attention of Google makers shortly after gr8nola launched when she secured a seat at their micro-kitchen event where employees vote on which snacks they would most like to stock up on. in their kitchen spaces. Irresistible snacks have since taken off and the granola product line now features several vegan options including matcha, turmeric and cocoa and charcoal, to name a few. The original and peanut butter flavors are unfortunately not vegan, so be sure to always check the ingredients before ordering.


Chi Kitchen Kimchi may be based in America’s smallest state, Rhode Island, but the brand’s kimchi has a flavor the size of Texas. Founder Minnie Luong makes kimchi for true kimchi lovers, using bold Asian flavors. Almost entirely vegan, the labeled vegan kimchi, pickles, and sesame coleslaw are all vegan, but not the Napa kimchi.

Chi kitchen

Brothers Vincent and Andrew Kitirattragarn founded Dang Foods in 2012 after Vincent wanted to launch a pop-up in New York. Basing his initial products on his mother’s recipe for Thai Lettuce Cups, the flavors kept people coming back, and Dang, named after the couple’s mother (Mama Dang), was born. The line now includes Thai rice crisps, coconut crisps, and keto protein bars. The entire brand is vegan with one exception: Thai rice crisps with aged cheddar.

Dang Foods

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