20 vegan tempeh recipes for healthy vegan dinners

An argument between two vegans isn’t called an ox. Just two people with bad “tempehs”!

But all jokes aside, tempeh has grown in popularity in Western cuisine in recent years thanks to its firm but still slightly chewy texture that makes it a delicious vegan meat substitute protein in dishes.

If you’ve never tried vegan tempeh recipes before, or are looking for vegan recipes that are high in protein, here is a delicious section of vegan dinner recipes to try today.

What is tempeh?

Tempeh is a high protein and fiber ingredient that is similar to tofu and great for adding protein and texture to dishes thanks to its meaty texture.

Native to Indonesia, tempeh is made by fermenting whole beans – traditionally soybeans – with a living culture, giving it a higher protein content and a more meaty texture. It’s packed with good whole foods, heaps of fiber, and healthy gut bacteria.

Although tempeh is often used in place of meat thanks to its high protein content, it is also a healthier alternative as it is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as calcium, manganese, phosphorus and calcium. iron.

It has a much firmer texture than tofu, making it a great alternative for those who don’t appreciate the softer texture of tofu but want something with a little more bite to add to their meals.

Tempeh can be crumbled into salads and pasta dishes to add more texture or added to curries and stews in chunks instead of imitation meats. You can even marinate and fry it to create a deliciously crispy bacon alternative.

How to make tempeh

Although tempeh has been used in Indonesian cuisine for centuries, this versatile ingredient is just starting to gain popularity in the West with the rise in popularity of veganism.

This means that tempeh is often much harder to find than tofu, as it’s typically only sold online and in health food stores. In fact, it was only first sold in UK supermarkets in 2019.

Struggling to get tempeh but want to try cooking with it? Why not try creating your own from scratch!

With a delicious nutty flavor, you’ll never want to go back to store-bought tempeh after making your own. Made through a controlled fermentation process, all you’ll need to get started are some beans (soy is used most often), a dollop of tempeh starter, and a warm spot for your tempeh to ferment.

To make this fermented bean cake, treat your beans with a starter culture that contains Rhizopusmold spores, then let it ferment at a hot temperature. As the mold in the mycelium grows, it binds the beans into a dense white cake.

Struggling to find tempeh and want to know how to make it yourself? This helpful video will show you how to prepare your own for use in vegan tempeh recipes.

How to cook tempeh

As with tofu, one of the best ways to enjoy tempeh is to cook it first so that it takes on a firmer texture with deliciously crispy edges. Before cooking or grilling the tempeh, be sure to steam it as this is an important step that will help it absorb more of the marinade and make it more flavorful.

To make sure your tempeh is infused with flavor, the next step is to marinate it for 30 minutes. Looking for delicious marinade recipes for your tofu and tempeh dishes? Try these 26 really tasty marinade recipes here.

Once your tempeh has absorbed all of the delicious flavors, the next step is to bake it for about 20 minutes before adding it to your favorite vegan tempeh recipes.

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