21 vegan kebab recipes for your next barbecue party

Summer means grilling season, but luckily you don’t have to miss a thing. Let us show you the wide variety of vegetable kebabs you can prepare for your next barbecue party.

What are vegan kebabs made of?

There are many ways to make vegan kebabs from traditional recipes such as kebabs, doner kebabs, and shwarmas.

If you want to keep it simple by making vegan skewers that can be barbecued, you’ll need veggies, skewers, and a tasty marinade to add flavor.

You can spice up your vegan skewers and skewers by adding vegan meats and a savory sauce to dip them in, like a dairy-free garlic sauce or a refreshing yogurt and mint dip.

Pita bread is often used in the Middle East to wrap all the delicious kebab toppings, or you can go for homemade flatbreads as a vegan option.

If you’re making vegan kebabs or shawarmas, you’ll also need a selection of vegetables such as onions, lettuce, and tomatoes to add some fresh flavors to the mix.

What is vegan kebab meat?

When it comes to making vegan kebabs, there are plenty of ways to replace meat with plant-based alternatives. If you want to keep it simple, using squares of marinated tofu is a great way to add more flavor and texture to your plant-based kebabs. You can even use braised tofu instead of the usual firm tofu, as it has a stringy texture that has a very meaty texture when cooked.

If you want to make vegan kebabs so compelling that even meat eaters won’t be able to tell they’re vegan, go for seitan as your simulated meat. This vegan meat alternative has been a popular protein source in China for thousands of years thanks to its realistic meaty texture and is perfect for making vegan kebabs.

Another meatless alternative to use for making meatless kebabs is tempeh, the firmer, meatier cousin of tofu. It absorbs sauces and marinades beautifully, so it’s perfect for recreating the flavors of meat using herbs and spices.

You can also put up with the stress of our summer barbecues and opt for ready-made vegan meat substitutes such as sausage, vegan chicken or even pre-made vegan kebab meat. Brands such as Vivera and Oumph! both offer vegan kebab meat alternatives which are widely available in UK and European supermarkets.

Of course, if you are not a fan of vegan meats, you can go traditional with tasty skewers and vegetable skewers made with fresh vegetables and spices.

From good old classic grilled vegetable kebabs to vegan kebabs made with marinated meatless meat substitutes to full meals cooked on a single kebab, are you ready to try these vegan kebab recipes?

Best vegan kebab recipes with simulated meat

1. Tempeh Shish Kebab

This popular Middle Eastern dish has been reinvented by using tempeh in place of meat in this hearty vegan kebab recipe. The perfect alternative to a takeaway on Friday evening or served at a summer barbecue.

2. Smoked Vegan Kebab Recipe

This smoky vegan kebab recipe features easy homemade seitan topped with an irresistible peanut sauce. They are great meat and absolutely delicious served with fresh lime and herbs.

vegan kebab recipes

3. Vegan Doner Kebab with Yogurt Sauce

One of the things vegans often say they miss out on is eating a fatty kebab after a night out. But with a little imagination and braised tofu, you’ll be able to enjoy these doner kebab delicacies again!

Watch how to make this vegan doner kebab recipe below:

4. Sesame and Peanut Tempeh Skewers

Tempeh fried in a rich and spicy sesame peanut sauce makes for a delicious meal served with rice or quinoa and leafy greens with these sensational skewers.

vegan kebab recipes

5. Grilled vegetables with vegan sausage in Dijon vinaigrette

Vegan sausages are a great accompaniment to grilled vegetables, especially if you are using sausages that hold their shape while cooking. They are perfect for a good meatless barbecue because they look and taste like the real deal.

vegan kebab recipes

6. Vegan Shawarma Kebab Recipe

This epic vegan kebab recipe features pickled jackfruit, veggies, and a tangy garlic yogurt sauce, all wrapped up in a chewy pita. Need we say more? This is one of our all time favorite vegan kebab recipes!

7. Tandoori tofu and jackfruit skewers

When you need fake meat that will be hard to tell apart from the real one, jackfruit is the answer! These delicious meatless skewers are full of flavor and hold well on the grill.

8. Tikka Soy Meatballs in Tandoori Marinade

These brightly colored soy balls are a pretty creative take on skewers. Dipping them in a spicy Tandoori marinade will turn them into small, juicy and flavorful chicken-flavored pieces.

9. Vegan Thanksgiving on a skewer with seitan and marshmallows

Bring Thanksgiving a little closer with this delicious and surprising vegan skewer recipe. Pieces of seitan, sweet potatoes, cubes of sourdough bread and marshmallows come together to recreate all the quintessential Thanksgiving dishes, but served on a stick!

vegan kebab recipes

Best tofu kebab recipes for vegans

ten. Grilled tofu vegetable skewers with barbecue marinade

Upgrade your vegan barbecue game with these vegetable skewers. To make these vegan skewers, simply add marinated tofu in a smoky barbecue sauce with your favorite veggies on a skewer and grill. It’s a must-see and a must-have this summer.

vegan kebab recipes

11. Tofu and Pineapple Vegetable Skewers with Teriyaki Marinade

Enjoy a taste of the tropics with this delicious combination of fruits and vegetables. The teriyaki marinade caramelizes the pineapple and adds an umami flavor to the tofu to make this vegan kebab recipe so much more delicious.

vegan kebab recipes

12. Chili-lime tofu and peach skewers

Want some fruit? This summer, try adding some juicy peach to your veggie kebabs. The combination of the sweetness of the peach couple with the tangy lime and hot pepper is a taste sensation.

13. Péri Péri skewers

Turn up the heat with this fiery vegan peri peri kebab recipe. The peri peri sauce marinade is hot but so tasty you’ll come back for more!

Watch how to make these peri peri skewers:

14. Pineapple Tofu Skewers

Grilled pineapple is one of the most delicious things on the planet! Accompanied here by smoked tofu and served with coconut yogurt, they are a taste of the tropics in the form of skewers.

Just look at the ingredients to see how tasty this tofu skewer recipe is! A vegan version of the classic salt and pepper chicken dish, it’s an explosion of flavors!

Best vegetable kebab recipes for vegans

16. Easy Grilled Vegetable Skewers with Mixed Herb Marinade

Vegetable kebabs are the summer version of oven-roasted vegetables. You can mix and match your favorites, marinate them and cook them on a stick. Some of our favorite veggies to use include mushrooms, corn, zucchini, and eggplant – to name a few!

vegan kebab recipes

17. Grilled eggplant skewers with tahini satay marinade

These soft and lightly caramelized eggplants are the queen of grilled vegetables. Not to mention that black sesame seeds are the crown. There really is no better way to make vegan kebabs this summer. It’s a real crowd pleaser!

vegan kebab recipes

20. Air Fryer Vegetable Kebab Recipe

So, you’ve tried grilling them on a gas grill, baking them in the oven, or cooking them on the stovetop. But if you haven’t tried the air fryer, you definitely should. These vegetarian skewers are crispy and a healthier option because they are made with less oil.

21. Indian spiced vegetable patties on a skewer

If you have vegetables that don’t work on a skewer like cabbage, carrot, peas, or beans, don’t worry. Instead, why not make these delicious Indian-inspired vegetable patties instead. They are grilled to perfection and packed with a mouthwatering blend of flavors.

Now that you’ve sorted your vegan kebab recipes, here are a few more vegan recipes to try to make sure your barbecue night is a success!

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