7 vegan documentaries that changed the world

The past few years have seen the release of a number of hard-hitting vegan documentaries that are changing the way we eat.

Some vegan documentaries deepen the exposure of the reality of farm animal life while others tout the benefits of a plant-based diet for our health and the environment.

But what all of these vegan documentaries have in common is that they’re guaranteed to make you rethink the way you eat for good.

So be sure to add one of these vegan documentaries to your watchlist and get ready to feel inspired to change the world.

1. Land of hope and glory, 2017

Vegan activist Earthling Ed’s hard-hitting documentary provides a glimpse of UK farms. Before Land of hope and glory abandoned, the vast majority of undercover footage has focused on US and Australian farms.

This allowed UK farmers to ‘debunk’ allegations of unethical practices in the UK, insisting it was only in other countries.

For decades, they have cycled an idealistic image of agriculture involving happy animals roaming freely across the landscape.

However, Land of hope and glory changed the face of British vegan activism by showing that horrific practices are happening on UK farms.

After watching the vegan documentary, many realized that the idealism we have been fed is nothing more than a lie.

All of the farms featured in the documentary provided labeled, outdoor, organic, high quality, Red Tractor and RSPCA approved animal products.

These were not isolated cases and, as Ed introduces the documentary, it is “the reality of British farming”.

You can watch Land of Hope and Glory for free here.

2. Cowspiracy: the secret of sustainability, 2014

vegan documentaries - Cowspiracy

Kip Anderson’s journey to uncover the secret to sustainability made serious waves when it was released in 2014.

Cowspiracy is one of the most influential vegan documentaries to date, with many vegan celebrities citing it as the reason they went vegan.

The film takes Kip into a burrow of lies and deception from the meat and dairy industries and questions why environmental organizations aren’t talking about the world’s biggest polluter – animal agriculture.

It will completely change your view of the industry and make you think twice before consuming any animal products. And makes you angry – very angry!

You can watch Cowspiracy on Netflix.

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Tanya S. Norvell