Babybel Plant-Based Lands in the US and 5 Other Vegan Food Launches


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Vegan may be over, but the plant-based revolution is just beginning. From supermarket to restaurant, we’ve wrapped up our favorite recent food launches to propel you through the weeks ahead.

Among them are Babybel, Meatless Farm, Daiya, Little Moons and Côte Brasserie.

If you’re one of the many who follow the vegan pledge, we’ve got you covered.

Babybel Plant-Based is finally coming to the United States

This is the one many of us have been waiting for – Bel Brands USA has finally announced the release of its herbal Babybel in the USA.

News surfaced in 2020, and vegans across the UK were the first to try it late last year when the product landed at Sainsbury’s.

Now, Bel Brands USA is announcing that customers across the Atlantic will be able to try it nationwide.

Katie Helgerson, Head of Development Platform at Babybel, said PBN:

“It’s no secret in the dairy industry that cheese is one of the most technically challenging spaces for dairy alternatives due to its complexity. And the plant-based cheese category has largely struggled to provide delicious, accessible offerings that meet consumer expectations for cheese – until now.

She went on to say that Babybel is “proud” to offer the creamy texture and “delicious” taste of the original dairy product in plant-based form.

Starting next month, Babybel Plant-Based will be available at select retailers. The company has yet to confirm exactly which stores, but its other products can be found at Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Stop & Shop and Giant Foods.

Keep your eyes open…

Meatless Farm expands to Morrisons

Top vegan meat brand Meatless Farm has just launched five frozen products at Morrisons stores in the UK. Now its burgers, chicken burgers, meatballs, ground meat and plant-based sausages are available at all 500 Morrisons outlets.

The launch aims to make plant-based offerings even more accessible and convenient.

Managing Director Michael Hunter said: “We seek to democratize plant-based foods by making them accessible to everyone.

“And our frozen line brings us one step closer to that goal by providing more products in packages to provide consumers with value and convenience.”

Each item in the range sells for £3.00.

Daiya Launches New Vegan Mac & Cheese Flavor

Canadian-based dairy alternative brand Daiya is expanding its line of vegan macaroni and cheese.

Now available in six varieties, the Deluxe Mac & Cheeze vegetable line includes Cheddar Jalapeno.

Daiya Launches New Mac & Cheeze Flavor for Veganuary

The company’s Mac & Cheese packet can be made by adding it to cooked pasta.

Daiya is available at major US retailers including Kroger, Target, Whole Foods and Sprouts. To check availability near you, visit the Daiya website here.

Côte Brasserie launches a “decadent” dish

The French-inspired restaurant chain Côte Brasserie has launched this Veganuary a brand new vegan dish – a vegan version of a tartiflette.

Potato gratin originates from the French Alps and is usually served with bacon bits. But Côte’s Vegan Tartiflette uses THIS isn’t bacon with a creamy sauce made with Dijon mustard and vegan cheese.

French cuisine often traditionally involves dairy, but the catering company said it didn’t want vegan diners to miss such a “quintessential” ski resort dish.

In a statement sent to PBNVeganuary commented, “By expanding its vegan and plant-based offerings, Côte is proving that there’s no need to skimp on flavor or indulgence when it comes to ‘veganizing’ classic French dishes. .”

The Vegan Tartiflette is available at all 84 Côte locations until March 29, so grab it while there’s still time.

Hopefully they expand the dish beyond Vegnuary next year.

Little Moons is launching a limited edition flavor

Leading mochi brand Little Moons also unveiled a brand new flavor this month.

Mochi has become a global trend on TikTok and is now widely available at major retailers. There is now a limited edition herbal flavor in the mix. The PeaNOT Caramel Crunch includes salted caramel, peanut ice cream and crunchy caramel pieces.

The PeaNOT mochi is available as part of a Vegan pack alongside two other flavors – Passion Fruit & Mango and Belgian Chocolate & Hazelnut.

Although it is only available for a limited time, the company has confirmed that the products can be purchased throughout February.

Holy Moly adds new vegan dips to its lineup

Plant-based dip makers Holy Moly have launched two new creations on Veganuary – Tzatziki and Smoky Garlic Aioli. Both are gluten-free and made with plant-based mayonnaise with no artificial “nasties.”

The tzatziki contains “refreshing” cucumber and mint, while the garlic aioli is made from roasted garlic puree with mustard and soy protein.

Commenting on the launch, co-founder Tom Walker said: “Our principles around healthy, quality ingredients and delicious homemade taste give us a real point of difference in dips for consumers at all levels.

“We are becoming more and more demanding about taste and what goes into our food.

“Whether you’re vegan or not, there’s a trend toward simple ingredients with authentic gourmet credentials. And the Holy Moly range draws on this idea.

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