Beyond Meat, Lindt, Potato Milk and 4 more vegan food launches


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It’s that time of the week again, where we compile the hottest vegan food launches to keep you happy (and ourselves of course). This week it’s the city expanding with Beyond Meat and Panda Express expanding their vegan orange chicken.

Plus, Popeyes is releasing their very first vegan dish after debuting in the UK.

There are also two very exciting vegan chocolate launches that you can not Miss…

1. Beyond Meat and Panda Express are rolling out a vegan option co-created nationwide

After the successful launch of Beyond The Original Orange Chicken at Panda Express outlets in New York City, plant-based customers can rejoice as a nationwide rollout is underway.

The American-Chinese fast food restaurant has vegetated the popular dish with Beyond Meat this summer.

And now, 70 sites across the United States integrate it from California to Georgia, Texas, Washington and Florida.

And if the Beyond Meat launch is anything to go by, it can be in high demand as it took less than two weeks to sell out in Southern California.

2. American fast food chain Popeyes to open UK chain with vegan burger

Popeyes, an American fast food chain specializing in fried chicken, is coming to the UK. And its British menu will be a first for the company, and that’s because it is adorned with a vegetable burger.

The Creole Red Bean Sandwich, inspired by the popular Red Bean and Rice side dish, is served with a Creole sauce.

Announced this week, the menu at London’s Westfield Stratford is set to launch on November 20.

It plans to open 350 outlets across the country during the decade as part of a huge European expansion.

3. Lindt offers new flavors of vegan chocolate

Iconic Swiss chocolate maker Lindt has announced the launch of two new bars in the UK. Vegan Smooth and Vegan Hazelnut are made from silky vegan milk chocolate, with gluten-free oat milk.

And Lindt guarantees both the same taste, feel and “indulgence” found in its dairy alternatives.

But customers will have to wait to try the new bars – and the wait will be until January, aka Veganuary, when they switch to Sainsbury’s, via Amazon, and Lindt’s website for £ 3.00 a pop.

4. Waitrose will start selling potato milk

Supermarket giant Waitrose has started selling potato milk on its shelves. (It might sound strange, but it’s actually one thing.)

Swedish brand DUG launched the product earlier this year, known to be both creamier and more eco-friendly than other plant-based milks available.

Waitrose reportedly decided to bring the delicacy to its customers after interviewing them and finding that many identified themselves as ‘Limitarians’.

In addition, 70% of those surveyed said that the carbon footprint of their food was important to them, The Guardian reports.

5. Boursin makes iconic creamy garlic and herbal herbal products

Cheese giant Boursin, known for its creamy garlic and herbal taste, has made it an herbal alternative.

Boursin dairy-free spread is made from sunflower oil. And, is nicknamed for possessing “intense garlic, fragrant parsley and chive flavors”.

Customers can get their hands on it in December through Sainsbury’s in the UK.

And, according to The grocer, the plant-based version “delivers the delicious Boursin-inspired taste that consumers know and love,” explains Célina Leroyer, Senior Brand Manager.

6. The organic chocolate company Ombar launches a new vegan range

Ombar, manufacturer of a multitude of organic raw chocolate bars, has unveiled a whole new range. And at its soft center, there is also a victory for the planet – and not just because they are vegans.

The company claims that each bar generates half of the emissions of “main” milk chocolate.

The range includes Smooth & Creamy Original, salted caramel truffle, hazelnut and fruits and nuts.

And in a press release sent to PBN, the brand says: “With global food production responsible for 70% of the loss of global biodiversity and a third of greenhouse gas emissions, everything we consume should help save the planet.” With that in mind, Ombar thought “why not start with chocolate? “”.

In addition, 3 pence from each unit sale will be donated to the NGO Fundcaión Jocotoco, which helps reforestation in Ecuador.

You can order a bundle of six bars for £ 15 through the Ombar website here

7. OmniPork is coming to Sainsbury’s stores

Two products from Omni Food’s OmniPork line have arrived in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. Plant-based pork strips and pork mince fell in time for World Vegan Month (aka November).

The products are made from a blend of pea protein, non-GMO soybeans and shiitake mushrooms.

Founder Davis Yeung said PBN: “Following the successful launch in the US and Australia, we are delighted to announce that OmniFoods officially arrives at Sainsbury’s in the UK.

“With our many partner restaurants, we believe we are bringing a whole new dimension of plant-based offers that will accelerate the movement. “

Both are available for £ 3.75 in the refrigerated aisles.

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