Butterfinger copier, beeless honey and other vegan food news of the week

It seems like every week in the world of vegan food news is more exciting than the last and this week is no exception. Vegan frozen dessert brand Dream Pops brings us new chocolate-covered Butterfinger-style candy bites, which can now be shipped right to your door. MeliBio is giving foodies a taste of its sustainable vegan honey in San Francisco. Additionally, Hong Kong’s OmniFoods brand is launching its vegan seafood through a special retailer in the United States. Read on to find out more.

1 Dream Pops ‘Butterfinger’ Crispy Bites have arrived

If you haven’t yet discovered bite-sized Dream Pops chocolate candies in the frozen food aisle of your local supermarket, you might be living on another planet. Since launching on Whole Foods Markets in 2021, they’ve expanded availability to thousands of stores across the US and Canada. Vegan Dream Candy not only reinvented what you imagine a frozen dessert should be, but it also refined all the cult classic flavors (banana creme, anyone?).

Dream Pops

Today, the vegan brand launches its new shelf-stable offer: Dream Pops Crunch. Available in six flavors (Berry Dreams, Vanilla Sky, Birthday Cake, Banana Cream, Mint Chip and Cookie Dough), these confections feature a crispy cookie interior reminiscent of the old-fashioned Butterfinger candy bar wrapped in dark chocolate. “The Crunch product is something we’ve been developing for a few years now and we’ve been teasing it at the last few trade shows,” Dream Pops co-founder and CEO David Greenfeld told VegNews. “This is our take on a better-for-you plant-based alternative to Butterfinger or Whoppers.”

The new Dream Pops Crunch candy is available on the brand’s website, which also starting today offers a direct-to-consumer shopping experience so you can have the products delivered to your doorstep. And never fear: Dream Pops incorporates options like Instacart, GoPuff, and Last Mile delivery options into its payment website that allow you to have its frozen treats delivered from available local vendors so they don’t have to. not arrive in a melting mess. Starting in September, the new product will also launch through Amazon and select retailers before a larger rollout to thousands of other stores.

2 MeliBio’s sustainable bee-free honey lands in SF

Founded in Berkeley, California in 2020 by scientist Aaron Schaller, PhD, and honey industry executive Darko Mandich, MeliBio’s first product, plant-based honey, was unveiled in October 2020 after a Blind taste testing from industry leaders has found the honey to be indistinguishable from traditional honey – and it does not harm bees or pose a significant threat to global crop biodiversity. And now the brand has international companies lining up for the chance to include its vegan honey on their menus and in their products.



This summer, MeliBio is teaming up with Matthew Kenney’s upscale vegan restaurant, BAIA, in San Francisco for one final taste test through a limited summer menu, including a bruschetta appetizer and panna cotta dessert, before launching officially their bee-free sustainable honey later this summer. year. BAIA guests will have the chance to be among the first in the world to taste MeliBio’s bee-free honey until September.

“Many times when developing a new plant-based dish, I think, ‘I wish I could use honey. Unfortunately, many chefs struggle with industry-standard alternatives, such as agave, which lack the distinct flavor and nutritional profile of honey,” BAIA Executive Chef Joshua Yap said in a statement. . “MeliBio is exactly what I and other chefs have been looking for. Not only is it real honey from plants, not bees, but it offers an ethical and sustainable option for restaurateurs and consumers alike.

3 RIND Peach Chips save food waste

While we love to bring you all the latest on vegan products that curb your cravings for Big Macs, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Cinnabon, sometimes a feel-good snack is also worth mentioning. This week, snack brand RIND is launching limited-edition peach crisps just in time for all sweet, summery fruit snacks.



If you’re unfamiliar with this brand of sustainable whole fruit snacks, RIND uses recycled and reclaimed products in its sourcing and drying processes while retaining the nutrient-rich fruit skins wherever possible. As a result, RIND successfully diverted over 350,000 pounds of edible food waste in 2021 alone, staying true to the brand’s mission to maximize nutrition and minimize waste. This year, the brand is on track to divert more than one million pounds of edible food waste from landfills.

Available exclusively through online retailer Thrive Market, the new RIND Peach Crisps use single-ingredient California peaches with nothing else added. “Now was the time for a bolder, fresher approach to fruit snacking, one that better aligns with consumer preferences for pure, whole fruit with intense, vibrant flavor,” said Matt Weiss, Founder and CEO of RIND, in a statement. “The idea of ​​taking one of summer’s most beloved staples, like yellow peaches, and creating a thin, tangy chip was there for the picking.”

4 OmniFoods seafood is coming to the US

Following the successful launch of its highly anticipated vegan seafood in the UK earlier this year, Hong Kong-based food tech brand OmniFoods is bringing them to the US. Launching into online retailer GTFO It’s Vegan, we can finally get our hands on the brand’s Omni Classic Fillet (a batter-free white fish alternative), Omni Golden Fillet (a crispy breaded vegan fish fillet) and the OmniCrab Cake (a vegan crab meat patty).



Ultimately, OmniFoods aims to save the world with vegan alternatives to meat and seafood, especially in Asia where seafood is the number one category of meat. “Following the successful launch of our OmniPork series in the United States last year, we are extremely excited to offer our new OmniSeafood products through our GTFO It’s Vegan partners,” said David Yeung, co-founder and CEO of Green Monday Holdings and OmniFoods. A declaration. “By providing our growing consumer base with a healthy and delicious plant-based alternative to fish, we continue to fulfill our mission to build a multi-faceted global ecosystem of foods of the future that helps fight climate change, the food insecurity, the public health crisis, the planet devastation, and the problem of overfishing and unsustainable fishing practices.

5 Hooray’s vegan bacon just got meatier

You might have already added Hooray’s hyper-realistic vegan bacon strips, which launched on Whole Foods Markets in 2020, to your breakfast sandwich. But now they’ve come up with something better: an “awesome” new bacon that’s even meatier. Arriving in grocery stores and restaurants like Fuddruckers nationwide this month, its Vegan Bacon 2.0 is designed to mimic pork bacon like never before. Each slice of Awesomer Bacon now includes a variety of crispy and chewy parts, thanks to Hooray Foods’ advanced patented emulsion-forming technology. Plus, new natural flavors enhance the fatty, meaty flavor of pork bacon.



“We spent over a year and a half testing a variety of ingredients to improve our texture, researching flavors to create a rounder flavor profile, and performing a comprehensive color analysis to improve product appearance. “, Hooray Foods Food Scientist Patrick Dziura said in a statement. “The end result is a winning combination that delivers the full sensory experience of cooking and eating bacon.”

Buyers can identify the new version with a green “AWESOMER” sticker on the packaging.

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