Curried leek and lentil soup

Curried leek and lentil soup

We love a good soup during the colder months, and even any time of the year! But sometimes, they can leave you hungry a bit later. On the flip side, this curried leek and lentil soup will keep you full and full until dinner, as it’s packed with filling lentils and chickpeas for extra protein.

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Famously associated with the Welsh Saint David, leeks have been cultivated and used in cooking for over 3,000 years. In the Middle Ages, it was the original health food, rich in fiber, good for purging blood, warding off colds, healing wounds and relieving labor pains.

Leeks are one of the few natives British vegetables that are “in season” throughout the fall and winter months. They’re also great for our health, a natural prebiotic that nourishes the healthy bacteria in your gut, while also being a natural antioxidant and a good source of folate and vitamin B.

In partnership with British leeks, vegan blogger Lucy Parker @lucy_and_lentils, created this Curried Leek Lentil Soup to celebrate leeks, which are in season throughout the UK’s Autumn and Winter months. Enjoy!

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