Del Pacifico Seafoods obtains Friend of the Sea certification for Mexican blue shrimp

Del Pacifico Seafoods has obtained Friend of the Sea (FOS) certification for its wild-caught Mexican blue shrimp.

The company has received certification for its use of artisanal fishing methods that minimize the impact on the environment, FOS said in a press release. Del Pacifico Seafoods works in conjunction with local fishermen who use small boats called pangas, resulting in low rates of bycatch and reduced fuel consumption per pound of shrimp. The pangas are unloaded within hours and their shrimp are frozen and ready to ship within hours of filleting, the company said.

FOS certification requires training of the company’s fishermen in FOS standards requiring full traceability. Fishermen employed by Del Pacifico Seafoods install solar-powered GPS systems on their vessels to monitor where shrimp are caught, so consumers can search directly, by lot number, when and where their shrimp were caught.

“All of our fishermen are trained to the Friend of the Sea fishing standard which requires full traceability and record keeping of very low bycatch from our vessels. We also undergo an annual third party audit to maintain Friend of the Sea certification, ”said Rubén Castro, CEO of Del Pacifico.

With sales through retailers such as Whole Foods and Nuggets Markets, as well as Crowd Cow and Fulton Fish Market, Del Pacifico is able to promote its sustainable fishing practices and knowledge throughout the supply chain and in the market, Castro said. He said Del Pacifico, founded in 2014, hopes its dedication to smallholder producers provides an opportunity for artisanal fishermen to compete in the global seafood market. The company also devotes a percentage of its sales to fishing communities. communities to establish social and environmental programs.

“When you buy Del Pacifico, you not only get one of the highest quality shrimp on the market, you also support the fishermen, their families, their community and the water,” Friend of the Sea Founder and Director Paolo said Bray.

In 2016, Del Pacifico was the first shrimp company to receive Fair Trade certification, based on requirements for labor, trade and responsible environmental practices.

Photo courtesy of Del Pacifico Seafoods

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Tanya S. Norvell