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It’s not just the vegan Christmas food that big brands are offering in December. So for you scoogues out there, don’t worry. In fact, we’ve totaled a list of exciting plant-based food launches, ranging from vegan pepperoni tips at Domino’s, to the new line of Tate cookies and buffalo wings from LikeMeat.

Here are the latest versions you need to watch out for!

Domino’s Tips juicy vegan launch…

American pizza chain Domino’s is reportedly bringing vegan pepperoni to its British menu next year.

The new Vegan PepperonNAY is expected to launch in January 2022, according to the upcoming Veganuary.

This was revealed by two of the leading vegan social media accounts, Accidentally Vegan and Vegan food in the UK, who posted previews of the new item on Domino’s menus.

It comes a year after the pizza favorite launched Vegan Margherita and Vegan Vegi Supreme, alongside a vegan version of its Garlic Herb Dip.

Vegan food in the UK is an online organization that shares news, reviews, vlogs and more on vegan foods. It operates on multiple social media platforms, with a Facebook group, Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Instagram account.

LikeMeat’s vegan chicken product rolled out in the United States

Plant-based chicken brand LikeMeat is bringing its new Chick’n Wings products to Sprouts stores across the United States.

Launched at the end of last month, the Wings have a crispy coating and a meaty “boneless” texture that includes a vegan buffalo sauce.

Emily Klooster, VP of Marketing at Like Meat, confidently says LikeMeat is the only brand to “make plant-based wings with guaranteed taste and texture that even the biggest meat fan will want more.”

Customers can find the Wings in the freezer aisle at Sprouts. It comes in a family pack, priced at $ 16.99.

Violife celebrates its expansion in the United States

The leading vegan cheese brand, Violife, is expanding its product offering across the United States following consumer demand.

Several products are planned for new shelves such as Sprouts and Whole Foods. Grill Me (Halloumi), for example, rolls out this month in Sprouts alongside Smoked Gouda Slices.

And Mexican Shreds will also be decorated in Whole Foods stores in December.

It comes just after the brand released its Vegan Festive collection suitable for all cheese platters this Christmas in the UK.

“Finally,” Tate’s Bake Shop has announced the launch of a line of vegan cookies. Available online and in Whole Foods among other select retailers, customers in the US and Canada are ready for sweet, dairy-free treats.

The new series includes vegan chocolate chips and vegan vanilla maple made entirely from plant-based products.

Doozy Pots rolls out vegan ice cream in hundreds of stores

Vegan ice cream brand Doozy Pots is celebrating a nationwide launch in the United States for the first time.

Created by former Ben & Jerry’s flavor guru and food scientist Kirsten Sutaria, ice cream is made from a combination of hemp and oats.

Since launching at Cleveland Heinen’s Grocer in 2019, four flavors are now available in 371 Sprout Markets. They also come to Erewhon and Jimbo’s on the west coast.

Consumers can choose their favorite flavor from a choice of mint chocolate chips, chocolate raspberry swirl, banana date swirl, and smooth coffee. In addition, they are made from organic and fair trade ingredients.

Asda launches affordable vegan cheese board for Christmas

British supermarket giant Asda has just launched a plant-based cheese board for Christmas. This is so that ‘vegans can also enjoy an after dinner fun’ and is available for just £ 5.

On the board you’ll find alternatives to blue cheese, ripe cheddar cheese, and Wensleydale cranberry. Finally, it features a Jalapeno & Chili flavor that has been newly developed for the supermarket.

In a press release sent to PBN, a spokesperson said: “We have worked incredibly hard with our supplier of dairy-free and vegan cheeses to bring customers what we believe is a delicious alternative to the traditional cheese board this holiday season.”

Subway’s Plant In Blanket Sub

Earlier this week, Subway announced the launch of a vegan version of its Pig In Blanket Sub.

It follows on from the smash hit of last Christmas season and offers vegan sausages wrapped in vegan bacon and a sweet maple syrup ice cream.

You can find all the details to get one here

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