Here are PETA’s best vegan food products of 2021


Over the past year, businesses and consumers have responded directly to growing concerns about sustainability, the environment, animal agriculture and plant-based nutrition. To celebrate this year’s plant innovations, PETA The UK just announced this year Vegan food prices. The awards showcase the herbal products, restaurants, and cuisines that have propelled the vegan food world into the future. The ninth edition of the Vegan Food Awards now includes 24 categories across the food industry.

“Today, more and more humans recognize that other animals share their desire to live and that eating vegan is better for their health and for the planet,” reads the page of the Vegan Food Awards. “And a growing number of companies understand that vegan foods are cost effective and more inclusive, can help them meet their sustainability goals, and are more appealing to this younger demographic, who are passionate about forging a better future for every living being, feeling himself to be.

“As a result, you can now find innovative, filling and simply delicious vegan foods just about anywhere you go. We are accelerating towards our destination of a vegan world, and we are not going to stop.

PETA’s Vegan Food Awards spotlight the most exciting, experimental and delicious foods to hit the market in the past year. Whether motivated by improving sustainability, reducing cruelty to animals, or increasing nutritional value, these plant-based foods showcase the impressive potential of dairy-free and meat-free products. .

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1. Best vegan burger

The competition from vegetable burgers is brutal. Over the past year or so, the restaurant industry has truly embraced the vegan burger, spreading across all food categories. This year’s UK winner is McDonald’s McPlant Burger. The plant-based burger is available for the same price as its signature Big Mac, making it one of the more affordable plant-based patties out there.

The importance of McPlant stems from its wide distribution. The world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain wields enormous influence over the global consumer base, which means McDonald’s highly anticipated plant-based burger is easily reaching the top of the list. Now the McPlant has been released across Europe. The fast food giant also just announced that the vegan burger is coming to some places in the United States.

2. Best vegan bacon

Bacon remains an American breakfast staple, making it one of the more difficult alternatives to market to carnivorous consumers. However, Finnebrogue released their Artisan Naked Without the Oink! Plant-based bacon earlier this year. The company launched this delicious bacon alternative in the UK and saw immediate success.

Even though this plant-based, artisanal bacon is only available in the UK, vegan bacon represents an innovation in the market. The company has produced a plant-based alternative that mimics the taste and crispness of traditional bacon. Since its release, the company has partnered with Costa coffee to develop Vegan Bac’n Bap in stores across the UK. While the herbal brand is confined to the UK, the US consumer base strongly anticipates its expansion.

3. Best vegan chicken

As 2020 gained notoriety for its fast food “chicken wars”, companies throughout 2021 rushed to develop the best plant-based chicken. Among the countless competitors, PETA ranked HRV (Vegan Fried Chicken) as the best vegetable chicken. Founded by Veganuary founder Matthew Glover, VFC has set itself the goal of undermining the global chicken industry. The company has developed plant-based fried chicken fillets and bites with spicy and original flavors.

VFC could only be bought in the UK until recently, when the company announced that its vegan fried chicken would hit the US food industry. The company said it will begin distributing 22-pound wholesale orders to restaurants across the United States, putting its plant-based chicken at the forefront of the plant-based chicken conversation.

4. Best vegan pizza

PETA announced that the vegan pizza that ‘has it all’ is City of Chicago‘s Tomato Stuffed Crust Takeaway Sticky BBQ Jackfruit. The easy-to-bake pizza contains no animal ingredients but maintains the integrity of a classic frozen pizza. The city of Chicago offers a stuffed vegetable crust wrapped in melt-in-the-mouth vegan mozzarella. The plant-based pizza is then topped with sticky barbecue jackfruit, red and green peppers, and onions.

5. Best vegan milk

Soybeans and almonds have dominated the plant milk market for decades. In recent years, the dairy-free milk category has seen unprecedented growth as more companies begin to develop new forms of plant-based milk, including peas, potatoes, nuts. of macadamia and oats. PETA’s winner is a booming oat milk brand MOMA. Very versatile vegetable milk can be used for coffee, baking, cereal, smoothies, etc. The brand is marketed as good enough to drink, containing a significant level of nutrients compared to other plant-based milks. In all categories, MOMA ranked higher than a plant-based milk market.

Other award-winning products

PETA’s herbal winners span every category consumers can think of, providing a large-scale insight into the herbal innovation that is happening around the world. The most popular, sustainable and delicious vegan foods continue to put the plant-based lifestyle in the spotlight, especially as big companies like McDonald’s begin to incorporate and promote plant-based options.

While we’ve listed the top Vegan Food Award winners, here’s the list of all the winners. Visit the PETA website here for a closer look at all plant-based foods.

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