High Protein Foods Good for Kids: Dietitians


The advice came at a time when many students tested positive for COVID after the state schools partially reopened.

Dr Vijayashree N, Chief Dietitian, MGM Healthcare, said children build immunity primarily through protein. Apart from that, they also need vitamins A, B 2, B12, C, and D which are the other nutrients needed to build up good immunity.

“Our body produces better immunity when we consume all of these nutrients. In addition, these proteins will also improve DNA, RNA, and other elements of the body’s cellular health. When there is better cellular health, we get better immune levels. Over the past two years, we have seen a large number of COVID patients whose food intake has decreased. So we have to give foods that contain everything, especially protein and micronutrients, of which seafood is a very good option, ”said Dr Vijayashree.

She added that these nutrient-dense foods are helpful in ensuring faster recovery and even in the post-recovery period, especially for children. “We also recommend that patients take a high protein intake while they are on treatment for COVID or even after discharge. For those who are vegetarians, we advise them to consume supplements rich in protein, ”she said.

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