In conversation with The Protein Ball Co


Did you find that you had to be more aggressive in your marketing campaigns because there were already so many protein bars in this category?

It is true that the protein segment is very crowded and in fact it is growing year by year. Protein has become a ‘buzzword’ for a number of years now, encouraging a flood of new market entrants.

Our answer, and our privilege, has been to work with two-time Olympic champion, Dame Kelly Holmes, to market our products to health conscious people. We’re in awe of her accomplishments, so it’s great to know she loves our products too!

What is your process for developing new recipes?

Hayley, my partner in life and business, created all of our recipes at our kitchen table.

Like an artist with a palette of ingredients, she composed wonderfully creative combinations. She has also created private label recipes for some of the top wellness brands around the world.

There is a process, but more than a process, it is a person, someone with great skills and an enthusiasm for perfecting recipes.

Someone who will never settle for second best.

You make everything yourself – when you started, did you have an industrial space or was it developed out of your own home?

In the beginning, everything came from our home kitchen, the same story as most small start-ups.

We grew quickly with a German supermarket, then expanded into Northern Europe and the United States.

Nowadays, we have the luxury of a Recipe Kitchen, but the process is still relatively similar, except that we now monitor food trends and new health movements. For example, collagen and vitamins seem to be gaining a wider audience right now, so we’ve created a number of recipes using these ingredients.

How did you develop The Protein Ball Co as it grew? What elements did you have to take into account?

The team grew from two employees in the first year and now we have grown our wonderful family to around 40 people and it continues to grow.

We had to rent more warehouse/production space and now have four units in the same industrial park.

We approached investors and expanded with improved machinery and facilities.

We realize that there are no guarantees of constant expansion and advise any start-up company to monitor capital expenditure and cash flow, keeping in mind the bad times as well as the good times.

Our motto is “the only constant is change”.

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Tanya S. Norvell