Korean vegan is making waves with vegan food

Korean vegan is a popular TikToker who quickly collected millions of subscribers by offering delicious vegan dishes.

She gained so much popularity that she was able to release her book titled, The Korean vegan: thoughts and recipes from Omma’s Kitchen.

Once its mark has taken off, Joanne lee molinaro, aka the Korean vegan, decided to use her growing platform to raise awareness about immigration. She wanted to gently unveil the immigrant story that so many American immigrants have to share.

She said, “I thought everyone understood that America is made up of immigrants, but I learned that maybe that was very naive of me. I thought I would use my platform to try to open people’s hearts to immigrant history. “

Today, Molinaro uses his platform as a gateway to discuss the lives of immigrants and the struggles their communities may face. She also uses veganism as a path to a much larger story of compassionate living.

She said, “I want to make sure that the people who have yet to be seen are seen and heard, and that the people who need to see and hear see and hear as well. “

She does all of this while helping you hone your Korean cooking skills or learn how to make homemade kimchi.

Korean Vegan’s platform spreads the message of empathy not only in our food, but also in all aspects of our lives.

For other delicious Korean recipes, you can try making Korean stir-fried glass noodles, Korean bok choy, or these Korean barbecue tofu wings.

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