LesbiVeggies Brings Vegan Food to South Jersey Town

No one around Brennah Lambert works in the food industry. “I never grew up wanting to be a chef or even really enjoying cooking,” she said.

And now, on the eve of her 24th birthday, she is chef-owner of a restaurant, LesbiVegetables, in Audubon, NJ Everything is vegan and gluten free, which is what brought her to this point.

In high school, she said she had health issues, including problems with digestion. After researching solutions, she adapted a vegan diet. “I discovered the love of food after becoming a vegan,” said Lambert, who turns 24 on March 1. “It gave me like a new appreciation for food per se. So I tried it and kinda stuck with it.

She started to cook for herself.

His family were impressed. In her sophomore year at Camden County College, a parent who owned a gym asked her to cook for her. “And then it was just word of mouth from there,” she said, explaining the genesis of a meal prep business.

“After about two years in the meal preparation business, I kind of realized that I love to feed people, but meal preparation was not my passion,” she said. “From that moment I had dreamed of having a place where people could just come and have fun, like the whole food experience. “

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After graduating with a business degree from Rutgers University, she found a place on Merchant Street, a commercial street near White Horse Pike, and signed a lease in 2019. It opened in mid-February. The pandemic, she said, had no impact on openness: “I just kept doing what I was doing. “

The cozy dining room features two large paintings of black women and the lyrics to Lauryn Hill’s song “Tell Him”. The seats are at high and regular tables.

Its menus – brunch and dinner – are ambitious: side dishes that happen to be plant-based.

Salads are side dishes, more than main dishes. Brunch items include peach and cobbler pancakes; a tostada; corn zucchini fritters; a ‘vegan hungry man’ platter of tofu scramble, roasted garlic potatoes and pancakes; and a popular blackened Cajun cauliflower sandwich, shamelessly served with sweet potato fries. For dinner, she offers birria tacos (made from shredded jackfruit), Parm eggplant and coconut curry noodles.

The name of the restaurant is “a fun pun,” Lambert said. “It represents me. I’m gay, and that’s my business.

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