New vegan food truck, Alabaster cafe + more openings in Birmingham not to be missed

Discover this new vegan food truck. Photo via Instagram of Not Ya Average Leaf

We’re all on the opening Birmingham train, or shall we say – the copper train. We have five exciting new openings for you this week, Birmingham, and it’s time to add them to your list. Read on to find your new favorite spot.

1. The copper train

First step of our adventure: the copper train.
First step of our adventure: the copper train. Photo via Instagram of the copper train

Our friends in Alabaster, this one is for you. The Copper Train is Alabaster’s newest cafe, and we’re obsessed with their menu. Not only do they serve killer coffee (The Honeybee is next on our list), but they serve breakfast and lunch as well as snacks. This makes it a perfect place to spend the day and study, in my opinion.

With these freshly made and brewed treats, it’s easy to see why this will soon be one of our favorites. Check out their Instagram for a full menu and drop by to try it out today. This Birmingham opening does not disappoint.

2. Not an average leaf

Check out Not ya Average Leaf for delicious vegan treats.
Check out Not Ya Average Leaf for delicious vegan treats. Photo via Instagram of Not Ya Average Leaf

I’ve always been amazed at the skill it takes to cook, let alone cook vegan. Not Ya Average Leaf proves it can do just that and make these vegan treats taste A1. This black and female-owned business, Not Ya Average Leaf, serves vegan brunch, lunch, drinks, and can even make delicious desserts. You name him, he can basically go vegan.

Not Ya Average Leaf is a story about overcoming adversity and using the owner’s medical setbacks as fuel to drive success. Be sure to stay tuned for their grand opening celebration on October 23 – we’ll be sure to let you know about all the delicious deets.

  • Location: TBD: stay up to date on their Instagram account for all the details
  • Contact: Instagram

3. Ferus on 41

The interior of Ferus in the 41st.
The interior of Ferus in the 41st. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

The highly anticipated Ferus on 41st opened in Avondale in what was once Fancy’s on Fifth. We’re so excited about new life in space, and the brewers and staff at Ferus are cranking up the heat to deliver the food and drink you know and love, with a few additions:

“We are really excited to complete the beer garden to allow for more outdoor space. In addition, we have plans for a small stage for live music. As for the menu, we have a dedicated chef at the 41st who will serve a few favorite Ferus dishes, as well as his own unique creations.

Nate Darnell, Head Brewer, Ferus the 41

Although we have already had a glimpse of the space, we are delighted to be able to try all the tasty creations that Ferus’ kitchen cooks up. Drop us off for the Pimento Cheese Donuts and S’more Dip, please!

4. Price’s ice cream

Kevin Nelson, the owner of Price's.  New opening in Birmingham
Kevin Nelson, the owner of Price’s, a recent opening in Birmingham. Photo via Tira Davis for Bham Now

Have you always dreamed of visiting a vintage soda fountain straight out of the 1950s? Price’s Ice Cream has just opened in Pinson, and this opening in Birmingham has a fascinating history. The building was constructed in 1898 and was renovated in 1943 for Price’s Drugs. After closing 40 years later, Kevin Nelson took over the building and spent years renovating it. He spent his childhood at Price and wants to pay tribute to the old company now that he owns the building.

Today, Price’s sells ice cream, hot dogs and other nostalgic goodies. What’s the first thing you order, Birmingham?

5. New Mexican restaurant headed to old Charlemagne Records location

Former Charlemagne Records space at Five Points South is home to a new Mexican restaurant, a new opening in Birmingham
The former Charlemagne Records space at Five Points South. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now.

While the former Charlemagne Records space was iconic, it’s time to open a new chapter in the history of the building. This chapter happens to be delicious Mexican food and we have no complaints. This restaurant remains unnamed, but is owned by Jorge Camargo, the man behind Taco Morro Loco in Avondale.

We know that this new restaurant will offer a unique menu and bar, with a courtyard that will open onto the Five Points area. Don’t worry, because we’ll keep you up to date with the latest information.

That’s it for this week, Birmingham. Stay curious and stay hungry for more openings in Birmingham by signing up to our newsletter here.

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