Now you can enjoy vegan food from Eleven Madison Park at home


A Michelin-starred meal, in the comfort of your sofa? Eleven Madison Park chef Daniel Humm is making it a reality, unveiling the new Eleven Madison Home – a meal kit delivery service that brings masterful, plant-based fine dining directly to New Yorkers. The new delivery branch at Eleven Madison Park will offer dishes prepared by the three-Michelin-star restaurant’s chef, but redesigned to be delivered and eaten at home.

Eleven Madison Home will prepare weekly delivery boxes with plant-based meals, snacks and desserts for $150 per person or $285 for two. The new kitchen concept will also provide local delivery in Manhattan. Premium vegan meal kits also cater to people with active lifestyles, making meal prep simple. The inventive delivery kit will follow Eleven Madison Park’s menu and local sourcing standards.

Chef Humm revealed he developed Eleven Madison Home to help people integrate plant-based foods more easily into their lives. The highly acclaimed New York restaurant opened in 2011, but it wasn’t until last year that Humm decided to roll out a primarily plant-based menu. The restaurant ditched its staple dishes, including reviews of dry-aged duck, in favor of plant-based foods. Humm’s decision has contributed to greater acceptance of vegan cooking in the foodie world.

“Almost every night when I have guests in the dining room at Eleven Madison Park, I hear a compliment like, ‘If I could eat this way, I’d eat plant-based all the time’” , Humm told VegNews. “At first I just took it as a nice encouragement for the change we made in our approach – until I realized there was something there to explore.

“Could we do more to bring that happiness to people outside the restaurant? Without preaching about it, could we do more to encourage people to fall in love with a plant-based lifestyle? Only so often can you dine at Eleven Madison Park, but there are so many euphoric flavors that we can easily adapt at home; so many local farmers, suppliers and stories that we can honor.

This meal kit service isn’t Eleven Madison Park’s first foray into mobile offerings. Last year, the restaurant partnered with local nonprofit Rethink Food to launch a food truck. The Eleven Madison Truck aimed to provide nutritious meals to food-insecure communities. This extension of the restaurant’s commissary kitchen is an effort to address food insecurity and promote a more equitable food system.

Eleven Madison Park’s deliciously crafted plant-based menu introduces countless people to the potential of a plant-based menu. Now, the home delivery menu will help people learn about plant-based eating outside of the restaurant. The delivery box could include everything from whole-grain oatmeal with rhubarb compote and roasted pecan butter to Israeli couscous with roasted carrots and mushroom kebab. For a snack, patrons can find chickpea crisps and olive tapenade, and for dessert, Eleven Madison Park’s pastry chefs will provide fan-favorite pastries.

The era of vegan gastronomy

When Eleven Madison Park announced its reopening with an all-vegetarian menu last May, Chef Humm shocked Manhattan and the world. Despite some controversy with a private party menu featuring animal products, Humm’s impressive plant-based menu proves to foodie diners that vegan cuisine belongs in the upper echelons of food culture.

“We have always operated with sensitivity to the impact we have on our environment, but it was becoming increasingly clear that the current food system is simply unsustainable, in many ways,” Humm wrote. last year. “We use food to express ourselves as richly and authentically as our craft allows – and our creativity has always been tied to a specific moment in time. In this way, the restaurant is a personal expression in dialogue with our customers. was clear that after everything we’ve all been through in the last year, we couldn’t open the same restaurant.

“With this in mind, I am delighted to share that we have made the decision to serve a plant-based menu in which we do not use any animal products – each dish is made from vegetables, both from the land and from the sea ​​, as well as fruits, legumes, mushrooms, cereals and much more.

Eleven Madison Park has joined a growing plant-based movement in the foodie community. In 2021, vegan and vegetarian restaurants received an unprecedented 81 Michelin stars. Michelin-starred chefs — who may have once scoffed at vegan foods — have started incorporating plant-based foods into their repertoire.

Last September, chef Alain Ducasse opened a “95%” plant-based restaurant in Paris called Sapid. More shockingly, chef Gordon Ramsey is singing the praises of plant-based cooking, launching vegan burgers from his new Chicago restaurant. With legendary characters approaching plant-based foods, high-end diners will most likely begin to recognize its value as well.

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