Oxford City Council motion calls for vegan food at meetings

ANOTHER Oxfordshire council is considering feeding its members vegan food at meetings.

In March, the Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet voted to serve plant-based meals at full council meetings and all civic events.

The decision was made despite a protest from farmers, who were joined by Jeremy Clarkson outside the county hall.

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Now Oxford councilors are considering introducing a similar program at their meetings.

A motion put forward by Labor councilors called for vegan meals to be served at councilor-only events and plant-based options at public council events.

The motion, moved by Cowley Ward Councilor Paula Dunne and seconded by Carfax and Jericho Councilor Alex Hollingsworth, however, did not pass as time for debate ran out.

Motions have a time limit of one hour, and as there is no time left, the motion “vegetable food and sustainable agriculture” was not discussed.

He, however, called on the council to “work with local farmers to support, promote and encourage their decision to create more sustainable plant-based products”.

The motion also called for commitments for the provision of all-plant-based food at councilor-only events and the provision of vegan options at public council events that are catered for.

The local authority cabinet was to be asked to work with all council-run businesses and facilities to encourage a switch to vegan dining options by August.

Oxford Town Hall. Photo: Ed Nix

The motion adds: “The global scientific consensus is that humans have been heating up the climate at an unprecedented rate, and we’re heading for mass extinction not just for ourselves but for entire ecosystems if we don’t change our actions today. today.

“We have a duty as city leaders to empower the local community to make changes that can alleviate climate catastrophe and help preserve the vitality of our planet for future generations.

“In the UK we eat twice as much meat and dairy as the global average, which is unsustainable because there is not enough land in the world to meet this demand without destroying our natural world.

“Vegetable protein sources have a much lower carbon footprint than animal sources, even comparing locally raised meat to imported plant foods.

“Our relationship to food is still an overlooked factor in the climate crisis, but it is the quickest and cheapest step to help tackle the climate crisis if we reduce our meat consumption.

“One of the few ways to reduce emissions that saves people money is to eat less meat, which can be done immediately.

“To protect and enrich jobs in Oxford, we must work closely with local farmers and plant-based food organizations to shift to more sustainable farming methods and local products that promote plant-based foods. ”

This story was written by Liam Rice, he joined the team in 2019 as a multimedia reporter.

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