Playful New Ads Highlight ‘Unexpected’ Benefits and Uses of Bumble Bee Seafoods Shelf-Life Tuna

The yes! Bumblebee! ”Campaign, launched in some regions at the end of last month, “Invites the world to rethink long-life tuna by promoting Bumble Bee tuna in several creative and unexpected ways”,Dan Hofmeister, senior vice president of brand marketing for Bumble Bee, told FoodNavigator-USA.

He explained that the campaign, created by The Many, centers around four TV spots that parody iconic advertising styles for sports, active lifestyle products, fast food and meal delivery – but instead of offering the stereotypical products that consumers associate with every style, each one ends with the surprise reveal of the Bumble Bee tuna as a solution.

For example, in a commercial featuring a woman boxing, climbing rope, knocking over massive tires and lifting weights, a voiceover asks listeners what makes them push harder during workouts. The answer, instead of an expected protein powder or energy drink, is Lemon Pepper Flavored Bumble Bee Tuna in a sachet with a spoon for easy eating anywhere.

In the same way, an announcementPresenting an indoor grill with flames licking the bottoms of casseroles filled with sizzling vegetables or perfectly toasted slices of bread stacked with cheese and tuna doesn’t direct viewers to their nearest fast food restaurant as expected. Rather, the ending cuts to a man in his home kitchen as a voiceover explains that the perfect tuna fudge can be made at home before sensually growling “Yes! Bumblebee! “

Upcoming spots will show how Bumble Bee can provide portable power for viewers’ next adventure or as a meal prep solution that is even more convenient than a meal kit.

“We’ve looked at all the benefits of tuna and seen how many different ways we can appear in consumers’ lives, and we’re touting these benefits in ways that consumers might not have thought of … in the world. pass”,said Hofmeister.

He explains that the inspiration for the campaign was “Promote a solution to consumers’ desire for accessible, affordable, nutritious and delicious foods that fit their lifestyle”.And while the campaign was in the early stages of development before the coronavirus hit, Hofmeister said the pandemic reinforced the need for the campaign’s message.

“During the pandemic peak inventory period… we have seen a massive increase in the number of new buyers of our products. Household buyers have actually increased by around 100% from the previous year during this particular window. And what we saw was that those who were buying from households included a wide range of people who were both very familiar with the can, but also a lot of young buyers who turned to canned tuna and tuna. in sachet during this period of need and crisis to have in their pantry “,said Hofmeister.

And so,”he added, “This seemed like a good time to start connecting with households that turn to our product for all these different reasons, then help them figure out how to use it and put it more on the front of their radar and in front of their guard -eat as an ongoing solution that makes sense for their daily lives – not just in the midst of the pandemic, but in the future as a good solution to nurture their lives in different ways. “

Pushing the digital envelope of retail

The campaign not only promises to showcase unexpected uses for long-life tuna, but Hofmeister says the creative elements will appear in unexpected ways and places as well. “As consumers go about their daily business.”

For example, tuna can show up in consumer research trends when looking for workout shoes (to boost it as a source of protein to fuel exercise), or on the popular food blog Foodbeast, which normally would not present long-life tuna. .

Campaign creations will also appear in more traditional locations, such as retail stores, but will be much more low-key than they were before the pandemic.

“We wanted to be responsive with a lot of in-store material at the point of purchase that we would typically use to recognize that many consumers are anxious to get in and out of stores as efficiently as possible. But we are actively testing certain account-specific executions ”,including senders and storefronts featuring matching designs to remind TV and online commercials, Hofmeister said.

Moreover, he said, “We plan to leverage retailer-specific digital and mobile marketing plans; featured on their websites or their own digital assets, as well as incorporating some of the creations from this campaign into typical store elements. “

A new look and new products on the way

In addition to the campaign, Bumble Bee Seafoods is updating its image with new packaging for a whopping 176 SKUs, which will be rolled out in the coming months.

“The new graphics will be more contemporary, appear more clearly and more consistently on the shelves in an effort to make us a little easier to find.”Especially at a time when many in-store shoppers are spending less time browsing the aisles, Hofmeister said.

As such, he explained, the award-winning new look amplifies the benefits consumers gravitate to, including better calling the fish in the product and highlighting if it’s caught from the wild.

It also streamlines the logo so that Bumble Bee is more visible – a move that involved removing the company’s longtime mascot, Horatio the Bee, “Which caused a lot of consternation in some people”,said Hofmeister.

Although the decision was not taken lightly, he said the brand name is what “Speaks the loudest to our consumers about our quality compared to our mascot… we have therefore withdrawn the bee and we are continuing our transformation journey. “

Part of this ‘transformational journey’ will also include innovative new products that Hofmeister says will be “Even more desirable than in the past”as well as more convenient and accessible for consumers.

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