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A fisher-owned seafood processing company in Sitka, Alaska with strong ties to Ukraine has reached out in a humanitarian effort by donating a 20-foot container full of wild salmon in Canned Food from Alaska and $130,000 to the World Food Kitchen Hunger Relief Program.

From left to right, John Tkachenko, owner of Container Dynamics Freight Services; Branson Spires, COO of Silver Bay Seafoods; Sine White, sale of refrigerated products for the French shipping company CMA CGM; and Mike Duckworth Sr, Canning Manager, Silver Bay Seafoods. Photo courtesy of Silver Bay Seafoods.

“Silver Bay Seafoods has a deep connection to Ukraine,” company spokeswoman Abby Fredrick said. “Our employees have family friends and colleagues who have been seriously affected by the situation in Ukraine.”

“In particular, one of our longtime fleet managers, Chris ‘Coach’ Hansen, was in Kharkiv with his wife and daughter from the start of the attacks until they finally found refuge in the Czech Republic” , she explained.

Hansen, a former Eastern Washington University football player, was the subject of a series of articles by Spokesperson-Review Spokane, Washington diary of how he and his family were trapped in the war zone, but were eventually able to escape to safety.

“We were devastated by the reports and knew we had to help,” Fredrick said. “So we started a donation program. After just a few weeks between the fishermen, the employees and the company, we were able to raise $130,000 to donate to World Kitchen, a hunger relief program.

“In addition to the monetary donation, we have a 20-foot container of Silver Bay Seafoods canned pink salmon bound for Ukraine as we speak,” he said in mid-May. “As a food producer, feeding people seemed like the best way to offer relief during this incredibly difficult time.”

The container of canned pink salmon was on its way to stewardship kitchens, hospitals and other places in Ukraine so it could get into the hands of those who needed it.

“We have a strong connection and history with Ukraine dating back to the founding of Silver Bay, when the Sitka facility opened in 2007,” said Silver Bay Seafoods co-founder Rich Riggs. “We found that donating shelf stable canned pink salmon was the best option for direct food distribution in Ukraine given these difficult circumstances.”

Riggs said the fishers and company staff are especially grateful to those who contributed freight and logistics associated with this humanitarian effort, including CMA CGM, GalaxSea Freight Forwarding, Salmon Terminals, SOGDA Limited and others. .

Of particular note is the trucking company Silver Bay and CMA CGM used: John Tkachenko, the owner of Container Dynamics Freight Services, was born in Odessa, Ukraine. Tkachenko trucked the first leg of the product’s journey to Ukraine, Riggs said.

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Tanya S. Norvell