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The UK was in the money last week with plant-based food launches. But this time around, it’s time for our American friends to take their turn. We’ve got Taco Bell’s vegan beef on tour, Miyoko’s Creamery looking after caramel lovers, and a new brand of plant-based pecan milk protecting Texas farmers.

Side note: if you are in the UK, don’t worry because there is an Applewood Vegan treat waiting for you …

Taco Bell takes Detroit by storm with vegan beef

Fast-food restaurant chain Taco Bell will bring its vegan beef offerings to 95 outlets in Detroit next month.

The new chickpea and pea protein product can be swapped out for beef at no additional cost among a host of popular menu items. They include Crunchy Taco Supreme, Crunchwrap Supreme, Burrito Supreme and the BellGrande Nachos, according to VegNews.

A spokesperson told the outlet that the company “is constantly innovating” and testing options in the plant space.

Miyoko’s Creamery unveils vegan ice cream with Frankie & Jo’s

Vegan cheese icon Miyoko’s Creamery is teaming up with Seattle-based ice cream brand Frankie & Jo’s for a new flavor.

Miyoko’s Butter Toffee & Chocolate will be available at Frankie & Jo’s next month.

And, it’s “covered in a bed of caramel” with chunks of vegan butterscotch and chunks of dark chocolate.

Pecan milk? CE PKN has you covered

CE PKN has just launched its vegetable milk based on pecans in Original and Chocolate. This is in an effort to make it “delicious non-dairy,” says the brand. And, it only has 80 calories per serving with no added sugar.

Founder Laura Shenkar came up with the idea of ​​supporting pecan growers in Texas, where many are grown, because she says they struggle to sell them at a “consistent” price.

Here, she observed the ‘disruption’ of cultivation of pecan cultivation and felt that the market had to expand.

During the launch, THIS PKN said via Instagram, “With the launch of THIS PKN, people are getting delicious, lactose-free milk on their tables and in doing so, provide Texas farmers with support for their production to thrive.”

Ithaca Hummus launches ‘Everyone Bagel’ flavor alongside charity initiative

Since its debut at the Ithaca Farmers Market in New York City, Ithaca Hummus has released several varieties, from Smoked Chipotle to Buffalo Ranch. And now he has unveiled the latest in his line: Everyone Bagel.

The company created it to help “lend a hand” to the community after the pandemic.

So far, Ithaca has pledged $ 20,000 in profits for Everyone Bagel to Common Threads, a national non-profit organization that provides nutrition programs to disadvantaged families and communities.

Plus, it’s a long-term commitment with five cents of every pot going to the fund.

You can find Ithaca’s Everybody Bagel flavor at Publix, Central Market, and Sprouts, among others.

Follow Your Heart Announces Latest Addition to Vegan Cheese Family

The dairy-free blue cheese crumbles are the latest addition to the portfolio of the vegan cheese brand Follow Your Heart. The “tangy and deliciously creamy crumbles” are the first of their kind, according to the company.

He announced the launch this week, and now the new flavor will be available at Whole Foods Market stores across the United States.

Follow Your Heart says they’re great on salads and burgers.

CLO-CLO Vegan Foods releases three new frozen snacks

Frozen aisles get a plant-based makeover with CLO-CLO Vegan Foods. The brand just announced the launch of three new snacks: Original Cauliflower Breadsticks with Garlic and Olive Oil, and Sweet Potato Breadsticks with Sugar and Cinnamon.

Co-founder Wendy Hinnenkamp noted the plant-based food industry is booming and the produce is a “quick and fun” way to make dinner parties easy.

Hinnenkamp added, “Breadsticks are a staple in American restaurants. And now it’s even easier to bring a healthy solution home with CLO-CLO Vegetarian Dip Sticks.

UK’s ‘Favorite’ Pie Brand Releases Vegan Pie Featuring Applewood Vegan

Pukka, the nation’s self-proclaimed ‘favorite’ pie brand, has teamed up with cheese leader Applewood for a brand new vegan pie. (It’s Applewood Vegan, of course.)

The smoky cheddar and onion flavor vegan pie is wrapped in 144 layers of signature puff pastry.

Plus, it’s available now from Morrisons and will arrive in Tesco stores soon, priced at £ 1.89.

Head of innovation marketing at Pukka, Rachel Cranston said the brand was “always listening” to Brits – who have launched calls for a vegan cheese pie offer.

In a press release sent to PBNLisa Harrison, Senior Brand Manager, Applewood, added: “Just like Pukka, we’re a long-established UK brand with 56 years of heritage, so it seemed natural for Applewood Vegan to feature in their next vegan recipe.

“Pukka’s signature pastry paired with Applewood Vegan’s smoky flavor and great melting capacity make this the ultimate vegan recipe.”

Myvegan launches into soy protein

Vegan protein giant, Myvegan has launched three new transparent soy protein powders in Lemon & Lime, Orange & Pink Grapefruit & Grape.

And each provides 30% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B, depending on the brand, along with nine to ten grams of protein.

The powders dissolve in water and promise to provide all nine amino acids that your body cannot naturally produce.

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