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Taprobane Seafoods, Sri Lanka’s largest and most integrated seafood company, recently opened its second Taprobane Aquaculture Service Center in Puttalam to improve access for shrimp farmers and promote sustainable farming practices while by reducing the use of chemicals. The center was opened by Taprobane Seafoods President Dilan Fernando in the presence of local government officials and customers. The new Taprobane Aqua Services Center is a one stop shop for all aquaculture products and services to drive a sustainable and environmentally responsible shrimp sector through controlled intensification. Shrimp farmers can also rent or buy equipment for aquaculture thanks to Taprobane’s partnership with UTE (Caterpillar).

By creating yet another hub, the company connects directly with farmers, cutting out middlemen and paying farmers directly, ensuring good prices; work with government on policies, regulations and infrastructure (eg electrification, dredging of canals and roads); helping older generation farmers transition faster to using new technologies; change mentalities and integrate farmers into new productions and platforms; work with the government to change the lingering sentiment that shrimp farming is wrong; protection of our environment and 100% transparency within our industry to ensure the protection of human rights.

Taprobane’s technical services manager, Vijay Kallepalli, held a workshop and shared best practices with farmers to ensure they are sustainable and profitable. Vijay is a 30 year veteran of the aquaculture industry, has international experience and is globally regarded as an expert in sustainable shrimp farming.

The center’s slogan is “No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, All Feed and Fertilizer will not harm the environment for best sustainability practices”. At the time of harvesting the shrimp, the farmers usually release the water with a high percentage of nitrogen into the streams or the lagoon, which can increase the algae and destroy the environment and change the biodiversity of the l ‘water. Thus, Taprobane Seafoods educates and encourages farmers to have effluent treatment ponds to minimize nutrient mobilization by introducing the water recirculation system for purification of water resources. As a result, the same water can be used for cultivation.

The center will also target electricity consumption by educating farmers on the use of 10-gauge fans instead of using parallel wheel aerators, thereby reducing electricity consumption. To further enhance their sustainability program, Taprobane Aquaculture Services is now online and cloud-based, becoming completely paperless. In its approach to sustainable development, the company strives to eradicate the use of plastic with the promotion of fabric bags and to reduce (leading to eradicate) the use of plastic cups or plates. All waste, including paper, plastic and food waste, is recycled.

Vijay Kallepalli – Head of Technical Services at Taprobane Seafoods leading a workshop for farmers

The entrance to the new Aquaculture Service Center in Puttalam

Image captions: Dilan Fernando – President of Taprobane Seafoods in conversation with a farmer

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