Tesco launches Wicked Kitchen vegan meal deal

Veganuary has become more accessible, affordable and delicious with the new Wicked Kitchen dining offering and the launch of Plant Chef from Tesco.

Tesco unveiled new Wicked Kitchen and Plant Chef options for Veganuary.

The retail giant has added new products to its already extensive line of plant-based foods as part of its mission to make plant-based eating easier, tastier and more accessible than ever.

Tesco is also making plant-based food more affordable for this vegan with the introduction of the Wicked Kitchen Meal Deal.

The offer serves two with a main course, side and dessert for a total price of £ 8 and is available from 3 January.

Tesco’s new herbal products

The launch of the nasty kitchen Meal Deal has seen a range of mouthwatering main courses, sumptuous sides and delicious desserts added to the Wicked Kitchen lineup including:

  • Wicked Kitchen Moq au Vin – with soy and pea protein, juicy mushrooms and onions and a rich red wine sauce.
  • Wicked Kitchen Kickin ‘Cauli Katsu Curry – with tasty cauliflower florets coated in a sweet and spicy katsu curry sauce.
  • Wicked Kitchen Mega Mac – a creamy Mac & cheese with butternut squash and macaroni, finished with ciabatta crumbs, chunks of soy and vegan chorizo.
  • Wicked Kitchen 2 Bangin ‘Brownie Sundaes – with layers of rich brownie cubes, chocolate mousse and a thick chocolate sauce.

Tesco has also launched new take-out options in its Plant Chef range, available as part of the Tesco £ 3 Meal Offer.

In addition to a curried vegetable wrap and a Greek salad wrap, meat lovers without meat can also enjoy:

  • Plant Chef All Day Breakfast Sandwich – with vegan Lincolnshire-style sausages, egg-free tofu mayonnaise, vegan bacon and tomato relish on malted brown bread.
  • Plant Chef BLT Vegan Sandwich – with layers of hickory smoked carrots, tomatoes, vegan bac-no-naise mayonnaise and lettuce on soft tomato bread.

To change the mentalities

The line expansion comes after data from Tesco revealed attitudes towards plant-based eating are changing for the better.

Almost half (43%) of UK meat consumers have reduced their meat consumption in the past two years and one in six (16%) are now on a flexitarian diet.

Additionally, according to supermarket data, more than a third (36%) of meat consumers nationwide want to adopt a more plant-based diet.

A sure sign that Veganuary, and hopefully many of these delicious new products, could be here to stay!

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Tanya S. Norvell