Twitter endorses new vegan food logo in India

With the demand for vegan food options higher than ever, the Indian Food Safety and Standards Authority created new vegan standards aas well as a flashy new vegan logo to help people know what they’re buying.

The new logo is a green V, used to signify that a product is a certified vegan food option. This is exciting news for vegans around the world because it is the first time that the Indian government has recognized vegan products.

The rules stated that “Food products or ingredients to be called vegan must not have involved animal testing to assess the safety of the product or the final ingredient and must not contain any GMOs of animal origin or products prepared using ‘a gene of animal origin for the manufacture of ingredients or products. . “

Vegans on Twitter were thrilled with this new development and tweeted their excitement for the new logo.

Arun singhal, the CEO of FSSAI, said: “There is a movement for veganism. Many people are allergic to milk and want to avoid animal products altogether. For them we have the vegan food logo that will help people make their choice.

Because this recognition of vegan products is a huge step forward for India, it will hopefully make life easier for vegans. Indian brands to shine and gain visibility.

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