VIDEO: A brave new world with alternative proteins

The plant-based meat market is expected to grow 28% to $ 85 billion by 2030. At the Food & Drink Business + PKN LIVE breakfast forum on October 11, Cameron Prowse of The Alternative Meat Co will share what it takes for a business to behave courageously in a booming market.

Brands Behaving Bravely is this year’s theme Catering company + PKN LIVE breakfast forum.

Catering company met Prowse this week to sample the company’s plant-based meat patty at Bar Luca, Sydney’s iconic burger restaurant.

Prowse said all of AltMeatCo’s products are locally made and 100% plant-based, using protein from peas, soybeans, functional products and beetroot. They are high in protein, vegan and free from preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, GMOs and palm oil. Recyclable packaging is used for all of its products.

“There are three factors that drive consumers to consume more plant-based foods: environmental concerns, animal welfare, and health and well-being. When we started the business, we looked at the data on plant-based foods and found that it was a game-changer. Most people saw it as a fad, but these three pilots are not going to go away, ”said Prowse.

If a brand is to capitalize on a growing market, it has to be flexible, be creative and go the extra mile for customers, he said.

Teresa Cutter (The healthy chef), Nathalie Mubarak (+ Hemp) and Nicole Ohm (Brownes dairy) and Michael McNulty, Australia / New Zealand country manager for Blue diamond producers, Owner of Almond Breeze.

The event, which includes a full breakfast, will take place at the Arts Center, Melbourne CBD, from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on October 11.

Early bird tickets are on sale here

Coverage of last year’s event can be found here

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