Violife’s cheese rings, soy green and other vegan food news of the week


It seems like every week in the world of vegan food news is more exciting than the last and this week is no exception. To celebrate the warmer weather, oat milk is making its way to many ice cream shops this spring. For those living in colder climates, Vegan Chicken Soup just launched at Juice Press to help East Coasters shake off the last winter. From new cheese from Violife to queso from Chao Creamery, we also love all the vegan cheese news this week. And, in 2022, Soylent Green is (finally?) a thing and (thankfully) it’s vegan. Read on to find out more.

1Violfe dairy-free cheese wheels

This week, Violife’s is offering a vegan version of the classic cheese in supermarkets and specialty stores across France. The new Le Rond (which has been available in other markets since the holiday season) mimics the classic camembert and is soft, creamy and perfect for baking and pairing with dried fruit, crackers and a glass of vegan wine. . The brand has also just released a vegan parmesan called “Prosociano” in French supermarkets.


Violife is distributed in 50 countries and its fans in the United States have access to a wide variety of cream cheeses, slices and shreds. This year, the brand is also bringing its premium plant-based butter to the United States in both salted and unsalted varieties that can be used in a variety of applications, from baking to topping toast.

2Field Roast’s New Dairy-Free Queso

Because more vegan cheese news is always good news, Field Roast’s new vegan queso from sister brand Chao Creamery has just made its debut at Sprouts stores nationwide, as well as select locations of Albertsons, Safeway and Giant. While the vegan queso isn’t an entirely new concept (especially in home kitchens), the Chao Creamery Cantina-style plant-based queso is different because it’s made with fermented tofu. VegNews got a taste of the queso earlier this year at the Natural Products Expo West show and we were quite impressed with its cheesy tang and spicy kick.

VegNews.ChaoQueso.GreenleafFoodsGreen leafy foods

“Unlike other plant-based queso products, Chao Creamery Queso is specially designed to deliver a creamy, smooth, cheesy flavor experience that mimics traditional queso, addressing the consumer’s need for an authentic dairy-free queso. without compromise,” Jitendra Sagili, head of R&D and food technology at parent company Greenleaf Foods, said in a statement. “Field Roast products are designed to bring people together and satisfy the pleasures you crave, and Chao Creamery’s latest innovation is no exception.”

But seriously, you’re going to need a lot of tortilla chips with this one.

3Oat milk ice cream for all

This week, oat milk improves ice cream for two different brands. First, Portland, OR-based frozen yogurt store Eb & Bean is adding oat milk options to its existing dairy-free varieties. The two new oatmeal flavors are dark chocolate caramel and strawberry banana, which can be made even more indulgent with vegan toppings and sauces such as coconut milk caramel sauce and whipped cream. coconut. The shop keeps things interesting by rotating its plant-based flavors every four weeks and partnering with local bakery Bakeshop to create its baking offerings, including vegan frozen yogurt sandwich cookies.

VegNews.BrustersIcecreamby Bruster

Pennsylvania-based Bruster’s Real Ice Cream also has an oat milk moment. The brand has reformulated its existing coconut milk-based vegan flavors with creamy oat milk. Now the chain offers 14 vegan flavors made with oat milk, such as Coffee Chocolate Chips, Raspberry Chocolate Truffles and Mint Chocolate Chips, which it offers in rotation in its stores. . Currently, there are nearly 200 independent Bruster locations in 22 states, as well as international outposts in Guyana and South Korea.

“The loyalty and experience of our customers is what drives us,” Bruster CEO Jim Sahene said in a statement. “We were excited to initially launch our first non-dairy coconut milk dessert; but today our new oat milk option offers superior taste and recipe. We know that many of our customers follow a strict vegan lifestyle or face different dietary restrictions, and it’s important to us to be able to offer them something wonderful with the variety of flavors and premium ingredients in which Bruster’s is known.

4Vegan Chicken Soup at Juice Press

Even though spring has officially arrived, the last chill of winter still lingers in parts of the country and nothing cures the chills better than chicken soup, i.e. vegan chicken soup. At all East Coast brand Juice Press standalone locations, vegan chicken soup has just been on the menu thanks to a new partnership between the wellness brand and vegan chicken brand Daring Foods.

VegNews.VeganChicken.DaringFoodsBold Foods

“Daring is a pioneer in the plant-based meat industry,” JuicePress said in a statement. “Their protein has the taste and texture of white meat chicken with a simple, easy to understand ingredient list.”

The new soup features a hearty serving of Daring’s meaty vegan chicken cradled in JuicePress’ fragrant broth, made with medicinal ingredients including shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, leek, white radish, onions, carrots, garlic, coconut aminos, soy, toasted sesame oil, lemon. , and ginger.

5Soylent Green is here and it’s made from…

Vegan meal solutions and snacks brand Soylent was the butt of jokes sparked by cult 1970s dystopian thriller soy green for years. However, in 2022 – which, not coincidentally, is also the year the film was made – the company is finally coming full circle with the launch of a limited edition Soylent Green flavor of its snacks. -Squared bars.

This week, Soylent released a clever teaser asking social media followers to guess the flavor of its “as good as humanly possible bars. While the “green” ingredient in the movie was pretty awful — hint: it’s human bodies — VegNews may reveal that the actual Soylent Green snacks are caramel apple flavored (phew).


“Since the inception of our brand, consumers and fans have regularly mentioned the film Soylent Green and relayed widespread confusion regarding the alleged connection between our products and the 1973 story where Earth’s despair is depicted in 2022. “Soylent CEO Demir Vangelov told VegNews. “With the launch of Soylent Green Squared, we had the opportunity to lean into the joke a bit and have some fun while testing out a new ‘mystery’ flavor and sparking discussion among multiple audiences. We look forward to hearing what consumers think. Who knows, we might even make it a permanent product in the Soylent portfolio one day. »

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