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An iconic fish and chips from Warrnambool has reopened after nearly three years. Former Seafoods Fish and Chippery owner George Politis handed over the reins of the Liebig Street business to Sophie Surbhi almost three months ago and she remodeled the building and menu before yesterday’s opening . “Almost everything has changed, from flooring to electricity,” she said. “The good quality food that George believed in remains. “We don’t believe in frozen foods. Our flake is from Portland, and we get twice daily deliveries to stock up on other products. The new menu was selected by Johnathon Williams, who has been in the fish and chips game for 12 years. The menu includes a range of salads, desserts, grills and fried packs and dim sims from South Melbourne. “Anything can be done to your liking,” Ms. Surbhi said. “This is not a normal fish and chips store. Even if you have a healthy kick, you can have our salads and fresh grilled fish. We also take care of allergies, just tell our staff. “Mr. Politis was delighted to hand over the seafood to Ms. Surbhi and was available to help her start the business.” I feel very happy, “he said.” After 56 years I made the decision to retire and sold the business to these lovely, hardworking and determined people. “I started with nothing and it took me four months to get started. But people helped me because they thought I deserved it. I helped Sophie because I think she deserves it. “Mrs Surbhi moved to Warrnambool in early July with her partner Ishan Mor and the couple also own Kebabs on Kepler.” I had lived in a lot of different places. “she said.” But when I first walked into Warrnambool I knew it was my home. “READ MORE: Signed up for The Standard’s daily newsletter and the latest news via email? You can sign up below and make sure you’re up to date with all that is happening in the Southwest.


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