We Tried Lizzo’s Viral Vegan Food Hack

Lizzo’s hack to make vegan “Cheesy Takis” is taking TikTok by storm.

But can they really compete with real cheese? At first glance, the answer seems to be yes.

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Lizzo posted the recipe earlier this year, adding yet another viral food hack to her resume.

The formula? A packet of Takis and a range of vegan alternatives. This recipe makes vegan cheese from tofu, sweet potatoes, nutritional yeast, and at least half a dozen other surprising ingredients.

That’s why we had to try it ourselves to find out how good it really was. To see what happened, keep reading below or watch the video above.

How to make Lizzo’s ‘Cheesy Takis’

Here is what you will need:

  • japanese sweet potatoes
  • Protein-rich tofu
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • nutritional yeast
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Vegan Smoked Gouda
  • A bag of Takis

First, it should be noted that Lizzo does not use any measurements for this recipe. It’s all about taste and texture here, so feel free to stop and test your ‘cheese’ as you go.

To start, boil the sweet potatoes, saving the water when you’re done. Meanwhile, wrap the tofu in paper towel, then pile a heavy dish or weight on top to help drain the liquid. Slice potatoes and tofu when cooked.

Add the potatoes and tofu to a blender, then add diced garlic, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper and about a quarter of a sliced ​​onion. Then add a few drops of habañero hot sauce and a few slices of vegan Gouda, which should help with the texture.

Pour in a few tablespoons of sweet potato water, then stir until a thick, smooth mixture forms. Once you have the consistency and taste to your liking, serve it hot over a bowl of Takis.

This stuff was almost unbelievably delicious. The vegan sauce doesn’t exactly taste like cheese, but it’s extremely flavorful and as close to it as it gets. Plus, the combo with the Crispy and Spicy Takis is a heavenly pairing. We highly recommend giving this one a try.

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