What are the latest vegan food launches? New plant-based meatless products are coming to a supermarket near you


As Veganuary 2022 draws to a close, these meatless vegan food products will help you take the leap

Here are 10 new meatless vegan products available in a supermarket near you (images: Squeaky Bean/Good Catch/The Tofoo Co)

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We may be almost at the end of Veganuary 2022 – but just as puppies aren’t just for Christmas, plant-based eating isn’t just for January.

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More people than ever are considering following a vegan diet, while a greater proportion of the country is now flexitarian – that is, they still eat meat, but less.

So whether you’re a fully-fledged vegan or a flexitarian who dabbled in plant-based products from time to time, there are plenty of new meatless vegan products to try that have popped up in UK supermarkets. United this month.

From fake chicken wings to chorizo-style slices and fishless cakes, NationalWorld has compiled a list of meat alternatives that vegan brands are launching and where you can find them.

Quorn’s Southern Fried Wings

(photo: Quorn)

The first of three new products from meatless specialist Quorn, this new frozen product would offer the classic experience of the southern states of the United States – just without the meat.

Carrying a “smoky flavor,” Quorn says you won’t believe the protein in the crispy coating on the wings isn’t actually chicken.

The brand’s offerings all use Quorn’s unique protein base – Mycoprotein – a high-protein, high-fibre, low-saturated-fat fermented mushroom that the company says uses around 95% less land and water than is needed to produce animal protein.

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Quorn Jerk Mini Fillets

(photo: Quorn)

Considered ideal for topping wraps, salads and sandwiches, these chilled ready-to-eat fillets promise a quick lunch.

Prepared in a jerk marinade, the fillets pack a kick, says Quorn.

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Quorn Mini Sweet Pepper Fillets

(photo: Quorn)

As with their Jerk Fillets, Quorn’s Mini Sweet Chilli Fillets (RRP £2.50) would be an ideal accompaniment to your lunch.

The North Yorkshire brand says they should be served in a fresh pita bread with coconut, garlic and toasted pepper to get the most out of your lunch.

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The Tofoo Co straight from the wok

(image: The Tofoo Co)

Tofu is a key source of vegetable protein.

But preparing it in a way that doesn’t taste and feel like soggy cardboard isn’t always easy.

Luckily, The Tofoo Co has stepped in to help with their frozen, pre-diced, cornmeal-coated organic tofu chunks that can be tossed straight into a wok to make a stir-fry in just 10 minutes.

Available in two variations – Naked and Ginger & Chilli – the products promise to add a ‘crispy crunch’ to meals thanks to a convenient format.

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Good Catch Classic Style Fishless Burgers

(image: good fishing)

A booming brand here in the UK, Good Catch has secured millions of dollars in investment in the US.

The first of three new frozen products launched at Tesco in January, the brand’s fishless burgers are said to offer a “real seafood taste” with a “flaky white fish-like texture”.

The three new products are made from a combination of pea and soy protein.

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Good Catch New England Style Non-Crab Cakes

(image: good fishing)

Promising a “chunk crab-like texture,” each package contains eight cakes seasoned with sweet peppers, paprika, scallions, parsley, and a hint of spice.

The brand says its offering has “a positive impact on ocean health and aquatic life” because it provides “a delicious and sustainable alternative to overfishing, bycatch, heavy metals and more, without compromising taste.”

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Good Catch Thai Fishless Cakes

(image: good fishing)

Also containing eight cakes, these Thai-style fishless cakes are a similar swap to the popular sweet and spicy fish cakes.

Good Catch says these cakes are seasoned with lime, lemongrass and cilantro and tossed with spicy garlic, shallots and chilies.

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Squeaky Bean Spanish Chorizo ​​Style Slices

(image: squeaky bean)

Fake meat slice specialist Squeaky Bean has also entered the new year with a trio of new chilled ready-to-eat products – all available from Tesco.

Made from wheat and tofu, faux chorizo ​​would be great for any share dish, charcuterie board, or sarnie.

The new Squeaky Bean slices are said to be high in protein but with a lower saturated fat content than traditional chorizo ​​at 8.5g per 100g.

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Milano Squeaky Bean Salami Style Slices

(image: squeaky bean)

Also made with wheat and tofu, the meatless salami-style slices are seasoned with black and white pepper and garlic.

They are said to offer “all the taste, texture and protein” of their continental meat cousins.

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Squeaky Bean The New York Style Sandwich Duo

(image: squeaky bean)

A one-stop-shop for your sandwich fillings, Squeaky Bean has combined its pastrami-style slices with a coconut oil-based alternative to American-style cheese.

The two-in-one packs promise shoppers the ability to create their own plant-based version of a fudgy Reuben sandwich.

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