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With Halloween on the horizon, the plant world has, as always, showered us with ethical indulgence. This year is no different, with the arrival of vegan marshmallows at Sainsbury’s and a pizza launch to die for with Wicked Foods and One Planet Pizza.

Wicked Kitchen Partners With Vegan Pizza Company

For Halloween this year, Wicked Kitchen and One Planet Pizza have teamed up to launch a ‘spooky’ vegan pizza. Derek Sarno’s vegan brand, recently launched in the US, has teamed up with the pizza company to launch the Pulled Mushroom offering.

The limited-edition launch features One Planet’s Tomato Sauce Recipe, featuring barbecued shredded oyster mushrooms, black olives and Violife melted vegan cheese. It’s also home to spicy sriracha mayonnaise with an olive oil infused base.

One Planet Pizza founder Joe Hill said in a statement, “It’s a plant dream come true to collaborate with Derek Sarno, whose innovative creations have proven that eating plants can be even more exciting and tasty than eating plants. meat and dairy products.

“Our Wicked-Planet Pizza is the first retail pizza to feature a cheese-shaped ghost. And we know vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters will be delighted with the epic flavors in every slice. “

You can find the pizza through One Planet Pizza for £ 3.99.

Vegan tuna sandwiches land in German Aldi stores

Aldi customers in Germany are ready to taste the best vegan alternatives to seafood. This month, over 4,000 outlets are offering the fish-free sandwiches made with tuna analogues from start-up BettaF! sh, TU-NAH.

The product was designed to help provide a solution to the environmental impact of industrial fishing, as well as a healthier option for fishing.

In addition, they are available in three flavors: Classic, Sweet Corn + Pepper and Sweet Pepper, Green queen reports.

Eat Just Brings Folded Vegan Egg Products to U.S. Costco Outlets

JUST Egg, a renowned vegan egg brand, presents its JUST Egg Folded at 57 Costco stores in California, USA.

A club pack, with 18 folded plant eggs is available for $ 14.99. And the company describes it as a “fluffy folded egg, perfect on toast.” Its main ingredient is mung bean, which means the product is high in protein.

And, it’s easier to prepare than eggs because they can be cooked right in the toaster.

Other deployments are “to come,” confirmed Eat JUST.

Vegan marshmallows are coming to Sainsbury’s

Award-winning vegan confectionery brand, Free From Fellows, is launching three flavors of vegan mallow in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

In addition, they are free from the 14 main allergens. Each 105g bag, whether strawberry, vanilla, or pink and white mini vanilla, is on sale for £ 1.50.

Bravura Foods, the owner of Free From Fellows, sent a statement to PBN. Co-founder Karl Morris said the launch marked a “natural progression” for the brand and was “perfectly timed for Halloween … to ensure that no one is left behind on these key occasions.”

MOJU expands its range of products in large supermarkets

Health vaccine brand MOJU has gained new listings in Co-Op, Asda and Leon stores across the UK following a new investment.

The award-winning brand’s range is available in more than 600 stores starting next month, with Ginger Shots arriving at both Asda and Co-Op, and the Turmeric Shot and Prebiotic Shots arriving at more than 170 Asda stores.

This follows the company’s announcement that it has raised more than £ 2.5million, with plans to expand further during 2022.

Another American retail giant welcomes the plant brand Lightlife

Walmart now offers a plant-based meat brand, Lightlife, which is part of Greenleaf Foods.

Stores nationwide carry plant-based burgers, breakfast ties, and breakfast patties. Additionally, the company says the launch is a first for Walmart in adorning meatless meat in its breakfast section.

And, the new items join Lightlife’s best-selling Smart Dogs and Tempeh currently available in the grocery chain.

unMEAT drops in US, with plans to reach UK next year

Century Pacific Food INC, an Asian-based fish and dairy producer, this week launched a line of plant-based meat substitutes in the United States.

It includes a burger patty, Hungarian sausage, as well as vegan nuggets, canned tuna, and canned lunch meat.

Nikki Dizon, senior executive, said NBP: “One of the biggest concerns with plant-based foods is that they aren’t delicious or as palatable as real meat.

“But our Nutritional Sciences team took this as a challenge and was completely successful in coming up with a meat alternative that looks, feels and tastes amazing and unmistakable like meat.”

In addition, the brand plans to cross the pond by 2022.

New York steps up its coffee game with La Colombe

La Colombe coffee and the Pressed brand of vegetable drinks are expanding the coffee market with their “profee”.

It is said to provide the magical taste of our favorite caffeine, but in smoothie form: and bursting with vitamins. “Profee” originated from a TikTok trend, where users add protein powders to enhance their coffee.

The brand has created two new smoothies in Vanilla Protein Cold Brew and Mocha Reishi Cold Brew – and both are sweetened with monk fruit.

They are available at La Colombe outlets in New York, United States, starting October 28. And, from November 2, they will be arriving in other outlets across the country.

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