Wild Cork sauces pair perfectly with seafood, salads and meats

Autumn Harvest Feast at Camus Farm Field Kitchen (commented very positively elsewhere in these pages this weekend) is a guest chef weekend (October 8, 9 and 10) at a wonderful West Cork hospitality venue located on a fully autonomous organic farm. This farmhouse features a splendid, specially fitted out dining room with an open kitchen. The first in a series kicks off with former Irish Masterchef winner and West Cork favorite Diana Dodog using the finest produce from the farm, including 100% organic grass-fed Dexter beef from Camus Farm, supplemented by other premium products. local organic produce to produce a splendid seasonal feast. (Fri & Sat, open at 6 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m .; Sunday noon, open at noon, dinner at 1 p.m.).

Diana Dodog enjoying Cork beach


Bring a little Spain home this week with the Spanish Food and Wine Week

While he didn’t for a moment criticize anyone who naturally felt compelled to fly to foreign climates, The Menu played it safe this year and stayed on the Oul Sod. But with half a luck, he would have relished the opportunity to visit Spain, one of his favorite countries to eat and drink. Fortunately, however, Spain “comes to it”, in fact, across the country with the return of the Spanish Food and Wine Week (October 4-10) which takes place in restaurants, bars and shops. across the country with a series of fun and always delicious info, wine tastings and dinners nationwide: with our very own Leslie Williams hosting wine dinners at The Mustard Seed, Ballingarry, Co Limerick, and Solas, in Dingle, Co Kerry.

For those who would like to bring Spain home, The Nude Wine Co. is running a virtual wine course, “Secrets of Spain” (October 8).


Ely wine, cheese and chutney

ELY’s hugely popular online tastings run throughout the week, providing three full bottles delivered to your door for shared tastings on a variety of Spanish themes with friends with the option to add Irish cold cuts, farmhouse cheese and ELY’s famous house chutney to accompany your wine choices.


Group of six for Pot Duggans

    Caitlin Ruth.  Photo: Dan Linehan
Caitlin Ruth. Photo: Dan Linehan

Team Eatyard’s Sunday sessions at Pot Duggan’s at Ennistymon in beautifully restored 19th-century barns continue with guest chef Caitlin Ruth (October 3), one of the most intuitive and gifted cooks in the world. West Cork and Ireland, which will provide a menu of the best local dishes in West Cork. Designed to be food-friendly dining experiences, tickets sell for tables of six for just € 55 per person, so it’s time to get your gang together and head west!


Butcher apprenticeship

James Whelan Butchers is launching a three-year butcher’s apprenticeship through the JWB Butchers Academy, with structured QQI Level 5 training and qualifications – a great prospect for all recent certificate graduates interested in a career in the Irish food industry and who are thinking about their next move, especially the one that allows them to earn while learning. Offering a hands-on program with some of Ireland’s leading Master Butchers, graduates will be offered positions at James Whelan Butchers outlets across the country, with the prospect of then progressing to management or development roles. products and business.

jameswhelanbutchers.com or email [email protected]


Wild Sauces
Wild Sauces

It’s quite rare to find true innovation on store shelves in this condiment, condiment, and sauce space, as this section of the market is heavily overloaded with too many tired revisits of old, all-too-familiar tropes.

Which explains The Menu’s current giddy, even feverish attitude, as it gets angry the most every time he stumbles upon this rare beast, a true culinary innovator like Corkman Sean Cotter, who doesn’t just offer something something completely new on the Irish market with its range of Wild Sauces, but with a real epicurean aplomb.

The three sauces in the range are all made in small batches from natural ingredients and without preservatives, which means they are imbued with “life” and energy.

Hawaiian Teriyaki mix soy sauce with orange and pineapple juice and honey for a salty and fruity sweetness, the tangy apple cider vinegar cuts and lifts while a mix of schichimi spices and pickled ginger add a peppery and spicy finish, all creating a delicious frosting for grilled fish and meats, a simple yet sublime addition to plain rice and blanched vegetables, delicious as an Asian dressing and The Menu has even used it as a frosting on pineapple grilled, as a savory side dish.

Sriracha is an absolute delight, a rather ‘industrial’ version of this Korean classic that has become a guilty pleasure for many Irish punters over the past decade, so that infinitely superior grip is a bliss, a balanced profile of sweet and spicy garlic, of chili and yellow pepper, but what really uplifts is the lactic funkness that comes from fermenting chili peppers, adding a note of grace absent from most other condiments on Irish shelves.

Best of all, in the spirit of The Menu, it’s Orange Miso Sauce, which mixes miso paste with Irish apple cider vinegar, orange juice, honey, pickled ginger and spices, resulting in a sweet bite of citric umami fruit, which The Menu l ‘consumed’ naked ‘by a spoonful as he pondered various potential applications. Naturally, it would brown all kinds of vegetables, seafood, and other white meats, especially well with a salad of crunchy bitter greens and fried pork, and The Menu has had surprising success adding it to a caramel sauce and as a chocolate truffle flavor. Then he stops in his reverie to put another spoonful in his mouth. Instagram: @ Savage.Sauces

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