Miyoko’s Smoked Gouda, Daiya’s Flatbreads, and Other Vegan Food News of the Week


It seems like every week in the world of vegan food news is more exciting than the last and this week is no exception. Miyoko’s Creamery is always an innovative vegan cheese, and this week’s limited launch of Smoked Gouda is a buttery, smoky masterpiece you must try. Daiya is also giving us something savory for fall with the launch of their line of flatbreads. Spongebob is probably already a fan of Veggie Grill’s new crab cake. And can chickpeas be made into yogurt? Read on to find out more.

1Miyoko’s smoked gouda

Miyoko’s Creamery makes some of the best artisan vegan cheeses and in recent years the company has branched out into interesting formats such as liquid mozzarella, feta made from watermelon seeds, and more.

Miyoko Creamery

This week, Miyoko’s is giving us a limited edition cheese wheel to cheer us on. Rolling out to Whole Foods Markets for a limited time (check yours for availability), Miyoko’s new Smoked Gouda Cheese is made from a cashew base and features a buttery texture with a smoky flavor.

In other Miyoko news, the company is going on tour to sample its products in dishes such as vegan pizzas topped with mozz and crispy slices of French bread slathered in European-style butter.

His truck will stop in Southern California (September 15-October 15), Arizona (Phoenix area October 19-October 22) and Texas (San Antonio and Austin October 27-November 7).

2Veggie Grill Crab Cakes

This week, Veggie Grill has spiced up its menu with an exciting vegan seafood addition: the Spicy Crab Cake Sandwich. The new item includes a crab cake made by vegan brand Hungry Planet, tomato, guacamole, homemade coleslaw and Bayou-inspired Cajun Devil sauce from Veggie Grill.

VegNews.CrabCakeSandwich.VeggieGrillGrilled vegetables

“The introduction of the delicious Spicy Crab Cake sandwich is a testament to the versatility of Hungry Planet. It’s a great example of how Hungry Planet can be implemented into a menu in a unique way that surpasses normal plant-based chicken and beef options,” said Hungry Planet Co-Founder Jody Boyman. and Chief Purpose Officer, in a statement. “As a loyal customer of Veggie Grill from the start, I am delighted with our collaboration and look forward to the success it will bring to both of our businesses.”

The new Spicy Crab Cake Sandwich is now available at all 30 Veggie Grill locations in California, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Washington.

3Daiya’s refined pancakes

Daiya may have started with a handful of melty cheese products, but the brand is now present in almost every part of the store, from cheesecakes in the frozen dessert aisle to cheeses in the fridge and macaroni. boxed cheesecake on the shelves.

This week, the brand expanded its frozen entree category with the launch of flatbreads, each topped with its own vegan cheeses, in three flavors: mushroom, caramelized onion and fig; Tomato, sunflower seed pesto and arugula; and meatless Italian sausage crumbs, roasted peppers and kale. At a suggested retail price of $8.99 each, these flatbreads are arriving at major retailers across North America.

VegNews.VeganFlatbread.DaiyaDaiya Foods

“At Daiya, our long tradition of groundbreaking plant-based discoveries continues with our first-to-market flatbreads,” Dan Hua, Daiya’s vice president of marketing, said in a statement. “We know that consumers are still often choosing to cook at home, rather than eat out in the wake of the pandemic, so we wanted to make sure they had the option of having both a quick flatbread and convenient, yet delicious-tasting that was both vegetable-based and allergen-based.

Want even more options? Daiya also offers vegan pizzas in 10 flavors, including Supreme, Cheeze Lover’s, and Meatless Pepperoni Style.

4Chickpea Vegan Yogurt

With hummus among us, chickpeas as a base for creamy products is nothing new. But can they be made into yogurt? That’s exactly what the innovators at CHKP have done with an all-new line of vegan yogurts made with nutritious legumes. CHKP yogurt is higher in protein than yogurts made from other bases such as soy, almonds and coconut.

Currently, the new allergen-free yogurt is available in vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, and plain varieties at New York-area grocery stores and nationwide through the PlantX vegan marketplace, with Whole Foods Market locations on the horizon. .

CHKP is among the first cohort of brands accepted into the Local and Emerging Acceleration Program (LEAP), a 12-week program run by Whole Foods that develops new mission-driven brands through mentorship, education and to the possibility of financial support to promote business growth.


“We look forward to sharing valuable insights into marketing best practices, strategy, and channel development to help grow cohort members’ brands while preparing to introduce their products to Whole Foods Market shoppers,” Will Betts, vice president of local merchandising at Whole Foods Market said in a statement. “Whole Foods Market has a long-standing commitment to supporting local and emerging small producers, and LEAP enhances our ability to strengthen our relationships with local brands and elevate our product selection for communities across the country.

Through this program, CHKP will be supplied by Whole Foods at its Northeast locations by the end of the year.

5Coffee cake creams

PSL season is upon us and some brands are going full throttle with pumpkin spice. And while Nutpods is bringing back its pumpkin spice flavor for fall, the plant-based creamer brand is revisiting other good weather concepts.


This week, Nutpods’ vegan coffee cake flavored creamer launches in retail for the first time and is now in Sprouts stores, and will arrive at Whole Foods by the end of September 2022 and at Walmart from by the end of October 2022. Coffee Cake flavor—which Nutpods recommends adding to medium to dark roast coffee—first launched as a limited-edition option in January and quickly gained a fan base, inspiring the brand to spread more widely.

“Coffee Cake was our number one new flavor this year, so we’re thrilled to make it available to fans in-store,” Nutpods founder and CEO Madeline Haydon said in a statement. “There’s a reason it’s called coffee cake, this flavor is the perfect match for your morning cuppa.”

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