The 32 Best Vegan Food Finds At Walmart: The Ultimate Guide


This one-stop-shop for many people is quickly becoming a vegan paradise thanks to a surprising number of herbal products. The freezer section has cases full of vegan brands like Gardein, Field Roast, and Impossible Foods, and you can even find vegan tuna, chocolate chip cookies, and warm and eat bowls. With an abundance of options, Walmart further proves veganism’s place in the mainstream. So grab your oversized basket (and that list!) To make sure you don’t miss out on these amazing vegan finds.

1. Beyond Meat Beyond Breakfast Sausage

Make a delicious breakfast sandwich by layering these meaty sausage rings with avocado, tomato slices, a JUST egg and vegan mayonnaise on an English muffin.

2. Hellmann’s vegan mayo

Even mainstream brands like Hellman’s are getting into the vegan mayonnaise game. This giant tub costs less than $ 4 and will quickly become a staple in your kitchen.

3. MorningStar Farms Mickey Mouse-shaped nuggets

Are you trying to win over a picky eater? Try these fun, Disney-inspired, soy-based vegan nuggets! And no, they’re not just for kids.

4. Lotus Biscoff Cream Sandwiches

Classic Vegan Biscuit Cookie gets an even better upgrade in this dairy-free cream filling sandwich version. There are vanilla buttercream and cookie versions and they are both irresistible.

5. Annie’s Homegrown Vegan Mac

Ready in just two minutes in the microwave, these macaroni and cheese cups make breakfasts at home even easier. Each double pack costs less than $ 3, making it an affordable purchase.

6. Great Value Dark Chocolate Chips

Don’t worry about scanning the ingredient list for milk fat; these ready to cook chocolate chips are totally vegan. Stock up on a few bags whenever you feel like chocolate chip cookies.

7. Healthy Choice Plant Based Energy Bowls

Made with vegan Gardein chicken and filled with healthy veggies and grains, these bowls make for a simple meal on nights you’re too tired to cook. Trust us, we’ve been there.

8. Impossible hamburger patties

The wildly popular burger patty is now available in retail markets, including Walmart, so customers can grill their beef patties in the comfort of their own homes.

9. Great Value White Chocolate Chips

The megamart even vegan white chocolate chips! A commodity difficult to find in many stores. These dairy-free chunks are ready to add to brownies, cookies, dessert bars and more.

10. Rollin ‘Greens Cauliflower Wings

Cauliflower isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we’re not crazy about it! These good, finger-licking breaded wings are paired with savory sauces like sweet mustard and teriyaki for a ready snack for the day.

11. Loma Linda vegan tuna

Mix these lemon or original peppers cans of vegan tuna with vegan mayonnaise, chopped pickles and whatever else you enjoy in your tuna salads for that classic charcuterie sandwich experience.

12. Field roasted chao shreds

Smooth quesadillas, grilled cheeses, vegan omelets and more, take it up a notch with this easily melting grated vegan cheese from the famous vegan meat brand.

13. Zen puddings with milk chocolate and almonds

This nostalgic lunchbox treat is now available dairy-free and plant-based! Layer the crushed Oreos and vegan whipped cream for a delicious chocolate parfait.

14. JUST Vegan Egg

The ever-popular egg substitute is available in Walmart’s refrigerated section and made and ready to be made into frittatas, omelets, scrambles and more.

15. Pure Blends Vegan Avocado Oil Butter

This avocado oil-based butter spread is delicious on toast, in baked goods, on waffles or pancakes, or to add that perfect crunch when frying foods in a pan.

16. Breyers vegan ice cream

Yes, if you haven’t heard it, Breyers now even has their own line of dairy free ice cream! And you can find it at Walmart. Veganism has come a long way.

17. Vegan Queso with Fresh Munchies

This cashew-based queso dip is delicious warmed up and drizzled over a nacho plate, but also makes a great dip for fries, buffalo wings, veggies and French fries.

18. Dino Buddies Vegan Nuggets

Fun vegan nugget shapes don’t just stop at Mickey Mouse! These dinosaur egg-shaped nuggets are sure to woo the plant-based kids in your life and pack half a cup of veggies in each serving.

19. Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies

Find them gluten-free and allergen-free cookies tucked away in the snack aisles of Walmart. Crush them up and add to milkshakes, sundaes, or cookie dough for an extra sweet crunch.

20. Gardein Breakfast Bowls

Choose between Southwestern sausage and veg, potato and kale, and Benny’s sausage (with vegan scrambled eggs) for a ready-made vegan breakfast bowl that you’ll find in the section freezer.

21. I can’t believe this isn’t butter! Vegan butter

All the big butter brands recognize the demand for vegan butter … even if it’s not butter! Vegetable oils form the basis of this perfectly melting spread.

22. Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream

It doesn’t get much more classic than Ben & Jerry’s, and with constant new flavors emerging from the social justice-conscious ice cream brand, there are plenty of options to be found in the freezer aisles.

23. Daiya Vegan Mac

Don’t miss this meatless Macaroni with bacon and cheese found among long-life products. Made with gluten-free pasta and meatless pieces of pea protein bacon, this meat and cheese concoction makes an easy weekday meal.

24. MaraNatha Raw Almond Butters

We did a double take when we saw this raw almond butter with banana on the shelves of this large area. Toss it into banana bread or spread it on a piece of toasted banana bread to double all of those banana benefits.

25. Bobo’s Oat Bites

Need a quick snack on the go or to recharge your batteries at midday? Look no further than these hearty, oatmeal bites! We love to keep them on hand when the mood strikes.

26. Terra Root Vegetable Chips

Swap your puffy snacks and standard chips for these root vegetable chips made from beets, taro, sweet potato, and more. Take it up a notch by swapping your tortilla chips for them in your nacho dishes.

27. Almond Milk Plain Silk Yogurt

Classic, tangy yogurt is a staple in many savory and sweet dishes. Go for this dairy-free version made with almonds for a creamy, low-sugar yogurt alternative.

28. Daiya Gluten Free Pizza

Layered with the brand’s classic mozzarella chunks, along with roasted red onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and basil, this frozen pizza is a cut above the rest. Add your favorite beef crumbles or vegan pepperoni for more filling.

29. Avonaise Vegan Mayo

Made from a blend of whole avocado and sunflower oil, these creamy spreads (available in red peppers and original varieties) add an extra dose of flavor to your sandwiches or dips.

Make no mistake, we love beefy burgers! But we also love these delicious old-fashioned vegetable-based patties, which is why we love Dr Praeger Chipotle or California black bean burgers.

31. Yummallo vegan marshmallows

These classic, chewy treats get a gelatin-free makeover, perfect for summer s’mores! We keep these little bites in our cupboard for cereal treats, cookie bars and hot chocolate.

32. Beyond Meat Beyond Meatballs

Submarines to meatballs, are you tempted? Scheduled to hit stores in June, these Italian-style meatballs come pre-seasoned and pre-formed, making dinner a cinch.

Sarah McLaughlin is the New Product Editor at VegNews and is amazed at how mainstream and accessible veganism is becoming.

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