Top 10: School Meals, Vegan Food at Target, and Chipotle Salary Increases


Child nutrition has proven to be a popular topic among readers of SmartBrief’s food and drink newsletters this week, starting with a story about a bill that would make permanent a free lunch program launched during the pandemic. The Universal School Meals Program Act, 2021, proposed by Democratic lawmakers in the House and Senate, would continuously provide three meals and one snack a day for all children, regardless of family income.

Also this week, the USDA awarded plant-based meat maker Impossible Foods a Children’s Nutrition label, which will allow the company’s meat alternative to be served in school cafeterias. The company aims to use Access to help educate children about good nutrition and the environmental impact of switching from animal products to plant-based products.

Plant-based alternatives have also been a hot topic at Target this week, with the unveiling of new items for the retailer’s Good & Gather private label. The new vegan collection includes more than 30 products, including oat milk, mayonnaise, and plant-based alternatives to chicken and meatballs. “Customer demand for herbal offerings is incredibly high and continues to grow,” said Rick Gomez, director of Target, in a press release.

Also in the news of food retail, Trader Joe’s chief technology officer Ron Glickman shares the retailer’s investment strategy with a focus on how employees and new technology can working together to serve buyers.

In the restaurant world, Chipotle Mexican Grill’s announcement to increase wages and create a referral bonus program to recruit employees in a tight labor market was in the Top 10. Average Employee Salary The channel’s schedules will drop to $ 15 an hour by the end of next month. The company’s mission is to hire around 20,000 new employees and needs to staff the more than 200 new units that it plans to open this year.

Read the full Top 10:

  1. SNA supports universal school meals program law
  2. Tyson tackles absenteeism with pay hike
  3. USDA awards Impossible Foods a Child Nutrition label
  4. Ferrara launches a brand of refreshed fruit snacks
  5. CEO: Southeastern Grocers turnaround in full swing
  6. Target’s Good & Gather Brand Adds Herbal Products
  7. Trader Joe’s CIO: Technology Increases “Human Interaction”
  8. Oreo unveils Team USA cookies for the Olympic Games
  9. Renowned Ben’s Original products hit store shelves
  10. Chipotle to raise wages and pay hiring bonuses

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